The Roosters Will be Crowing

The latest controversy in Pebble Creek?
Should we or should we not build the last 9 holes of golf?

Don’t you wish you had Creekers’ problems?

There is going to be a big PC meetin’ soon to argue it all out like former adults, and there is even a short report FAVORING building the extra 9 holes from…who else? …Why the PC Golf Committee! Imagine that! And while we are at it, the PC Softball Committee says we need an additional softball stadium. With lights!

The PC Finance committee has already come out against the additional 9 holes but the Golf committee “wants you to know all the facts”.
Here is the entire report from a member of the Golf Committee;

Here is what I think;
1. I spent a few months serving on the Finance Committee. They have so many ex-CFOs, controllers, accountants, and various other retired bean counters that as merely an ex- VP of a Fortune 200 company, I was relegated to an “intern” position on the committee where I merely watched what someone else was doing each month. Conclusion. THESE GUYS ARE GOOD. And thorough. So I would tend to believe whatever they have come up with. It is too bad we could not put these guys to work on the city of Goodyear’s budget each year. We could just fire city manager Brian Dalke, the entire city council and mayor and save a bunch of money to boot.
2. Robson has a problem with GEOrgia’s freeway overpass, 303 connector. Who knows when they will EVER sell lots over there.
3. You can be sure that if and when PC builds out and adds another up to 2000 more homes to the 4000 existing, that it will be a bit more diffucult to get tee times with no additional holes. However, it’s not very difficult to get tee times now, so even the addition might not be too much of an issue.
4. It is stupid having our current 45 holes of golf. I mean, WHO but old people would have a resort with an odd number like 45 holes of golf?
5. The Golf committee has made an impassioned plea, but I do not give much creedence to the Golf Committee’s extrapolations.
6. Our $150 per month assesments are not really exhorbitant and most of the money goes to fund golf, the rec facilities, and the restaurants already anyway. It is where we have some FUN in our old age. It’s not so bad to spend a few bucks on having some FUN once in a while is it? Keeps us from getting crabbier than we already are! So why not another 9 holes?
7. And doesn’t it stand to reason, that as a neighborhood like ours gets bigger, just like a city, that the cost PER CAPITA of providing services should go DOWN not UP due to benefits of scale?
8. Oh wait, I forgot, this is Goodyear where everything gets more expensive no matter what improved scale factors you have.

Therefore, here is your real choice, Creekers.
Do you want to perhaps pay a bit less in your HOA fees and not get your most preferred tee times all the time? Or do you want to keep the same open tee times and pay a bit more?

Good luck hashing it out Creekers! I’m going to the meeting just for the sport of watching it! Should be fun. There will be a bunch of formerly important old roosters there who love to hear themselves crow, strutting about saying stuff that probably has absolutely no basis in fact. And you can be sure that the LESS certain they are of what they are saying, the MORE certain they will sound.

Just like GEOrgia!


4 Responses

  1. ADOT/MCDOT planned 303 and the interchange before Robson purchased the property from SunCor. That’s why no right of way was acquired to build the interchange. Robson/SunCor knew what was coming.

  2. Coming from Calif I am amazed at the amenities we receive for appox $150 per month. I’ll pay more let’s add the holes.

    James Howard

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