Just Exactly Who Are the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona?

“It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.”  Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (FDR News Conference minutes)

Perhaps you got a recent robo call from Bryan Jefferies Executive VP of the Professional Firefighters of Arizona endorsing Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell for city council.  If you get hgb emails, a copy was attached to my latest email to you.

Sounds official, but who are these PFFA guys and what do they do?

This was a much easier question to answer than I expected, because the PFFA tells you exactly what they DO and why they are organized on the first page of their web site. PFFA website

The PFFA website exclaims that they are NOT there for AZ citizens, instead they say, “just.. (like).. fire fighters, …the PFFA is there for its membership.”

There for their membership.

So, if the PFFA endorses Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell for Goodyear city council, it stands to reason that the PFFA thinks WALLY IS THERE FOR THE PFFA or they would not be endorsing her, would they? 

Do you want someone on city council who is “there for the PFFA membership”?

Hey, everyone wants a safe town to live in, but I thought elected public officials were supposed to be “there” for taxpayers and voters.  Not special interest lobbying groups like the PFFA. But that is exactly what is going on here and they are not even ashamed to advertise it.

Did I claim that PFFA is merely a lobbying group?  Yes.  If you take a look at the PFFA’s “Leadership” page, you will see that besides the normal top posts of a president, vice president, sec/treasurer, and staff rep that any other organization would have.  The PFFA has ONLY TWO OTHER leadership posts.


I rest my case. Vote for Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell and you are fulfilling the PFFA’s political agenda.

I would suggest that you NOT vote for people who are “there” for some special interest.  I want representatives who are there for ME.  Just like I would not vote for a former Goodyear employee like Joe Pizzillo for city council, either.  Where do you think his loyalties lie?

That leaves only Hampton, Holman, and Weber.  And write in ANYONE ELSE’S NAME for mayor besides GEOrgia.


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  1. Unions once again supporting candidates for council………. Why are tax money paid people able to unionize anyway! It is wrong! City employees can’t not endorse anyone… but oh the unions from every other city in the state can…….. what special favors do they get from council? What has Wally and every other council member promised to give the unions! They are highly paid both in regular pay and over time pay. They can retire when they 50 plus years old. They have better medical, dental, and retirement pay than most non government jobs… Wrong… just wrong in my book…

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