Suntech Closing

Editor’s Note. These articles are getting easier and easier to write.  All I have to do is when one of my predictions comes true to tell you all “I told you so” and reprint my previous article where, “I told you so”. If their bumbling wasn’t so expensive it would be comical.

I’ll bet you won’t see a big news release* from GEOrgia, GY city council and their $80,000 assistants on this one will you?
Suntech Closing its Doors

Nope, and you won’t see any announcements from GEOrgia and the rest of the gang on Goodyear Stadium’s 20% plus LOWER attendance so far this year will you?

But GEOrgia is still optimistic, isn’t she?  It’s easy to be optimistic when you’re playing with other people’s money and all you care about is being in the middle of stuff you don’t understand that makes you feel like a big shot.

But don’t worry, as GEOrgia told us all (again) in her latest political magazine, (GY InFocus, which YOU pay for).  The Mall is coming.

Don’t worry, the Mall is coming….

Here is what I told you a long, long, time ago about Suntech, Solar, and government know-nothings trying to pick winners.
GEOrgia’s Solyndra
GEOrgia’s Solyndra Part Two
Incompetents Picking Winners w/ Your Money

*Thanks to a faithful reader for sending this article to me.


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  1. Within the last 7-10 days an article appeared in the financial press that Suntech will be unable to redeem their bonds as they come due. Suntech had hoped that the Chinese governement would pay for the bonds –but not to be. Suntech indicates that as government subsidies dried up–worldwide–their business went south.

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