March 2013 Election Results

You got to give them credit.

Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell and recently retired city employee Joe Pizzillo won their GY council seats yesterday. About 7,000 voters turned out in a city of 65,000 people with I’m guessing 30 some thousand registered voters, and the two life time government employees convinced about 5,000 of those voters that they would look out for their interests better than anyone else could even though under their watch the city continues to fail, taxpayer dollars are doled out to failing foreign companies, and a fire fighter’s lobbying group loves them.

As an ex-city employee, does anyone really doubt where Joe’s loyalties lie and what his priorities are? And is it not clear to anyone who has attended a council meeting or watched the tapes that lifetime government “staffer” (secretary) Wally “tdamh” Campbell does not even know what she is looking at when it comes to most GY council issues?

But they have 5,000 supporters who vote.

The news was not as good for GEOrgia even though she won. 1 in 7 voters who took the time to vote refused to cast a ballot for GEOrgia even though she was the only one on the ballot.

If I have my facts straight, it appears that Brannon Hampton and Sharolyn Hohman will face a run off in May. Hohman will win handily, in that case since she is GEOrgia and the current council’s handpicked choice and they will get their 5,000 or so lemming like loyal supporters to vote for her.

A shout out, “I told you so” to Brannon. I told you that if you did not make the election about the incumbents’ incompetence you COULD NOT win. You didn’t so far and I say you have no chance now. The local newspapers called this election, “quiet”. You blew it, Brannon. Now you’ve spent all that time and effort and for nothing. Believe me yet?
New council will vote itself a pay raise at the insistence (based upon studies, of course) of the city manager.


5 Responses

  1. Here’s a question to ponder: Why would a candidate who is running unopposed spend more that $7,000 on a campaign?

    Somebody help me out with this one, okay.

  2. With such a poor turnout, it really makes a case to only hold city council elections during the regular election times for our congressmen, governor etc. This has been talked about quite a bit but I understand local officials are against it because they think it hurts there chance of being elected and they are probably correct, unfortunately.

  3. I find it hard to believer that when all you had to do was fill out the ballot, seal it and put it in your mailbox, that so few voted.

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