GEOrgia, “I’m Extremely Proud”.

Editor’s note: One observant reader notes that 2008 was an extremely low employment year to make comparisons to.  What did 2007 look like?  How about a comparison to that?  Want to bet that GY chose its comparison numbers very carefully?

In a glowing AZ Republic article about the “61% growth” in jobs in Goodyear since 2008 due ENTIRELY, of course, to the hard work of Goodyear city hall, GEOrgia was recently quoted by Goodyear city hall propagandist John Yandis* of the AZ Republic saying that she was, “extremely proud” of all that Goodyear had accomplished with all the new business expansions in Goodyear since 2008.

GEOrgia goes further to say, “we have been strategic in our efforts to attract quality business, and it is paying off.”

Really? More hooey from the mayor who does not even know what the unemployment rate is in her city. Haven’t I told you before to BEWARE POLITICIANS QUOTING PERCENTAGES through the media?

The Facts
According to Yantis’ aritcle, Goodyear added 1,841 new jobs since 2008 to a base of 3,040 jobs, for a 4 year growth of a whopping 61%.

Let’s assume those numbers are correct, although Goodyear neglects to mention how they got the numbers, where they got them, if they include businesses that have since closed (Suntech), or if and how many of these jobs are temporary or part time (many of them). So how strategic have GEOrgia and Goodyear been, and how much of your tax money have they spent, “attracting” all these great low paying, and many times part time or temporary jobs?

  1. Since 2008 Goodyear has GIVEN AWAY at least $3.2 million dollars in corporate welfare** to just FIVE businesses, Suntech, ST. Gobain, Dick’s, SAS, and SubZero. And who knows how many countless others? Did you see any of them on the big job creator list? Only one.
  2. Since 2008 Goodyear has spent another $4 plus million dollars funding the city’s Economic Development department including a $450 per second advertising video that became dated less than 6 months after it was produced. But the video did beat out a group of college students from New Mexico to win an “emmy” which also won GY’s now former public info officer a new job working for the state fish and game department.
  3. 600 of the claimed 1,841 new jobs were at Macy’s and CTCA which were expansions of existing businesses. How many more of the remaining 1200 jobs were expansions, you ask? Goodyear neglected to supply that information for Mr. Yantis’ article.

This leaves us with at best about 1200 new jobs in Goodyear while the city spent $7.2 million dollars of your money to get them. And much of the $7.2 million in costs are reoccurring each year.

And do any of these $7.2 million of your tax dollars include the cost of increased public safety to the city to protect new manufacturing sites? No.

Does it pay for their additional and sometimes substantial water and waste water demands? No. And Goodyear is running out of water treatment capacity as we speak.

And what of the damage that businesses’ heavy trucks do to the local roads? No again.

Bottom Line
Businesses are moving to Goodyear for one of the following THREE reasons, NONE of which does the city of Goodyear have ANYTHING to do with;

  1. 303 and I-10 interchange and the still relatively cheap land around it.
  2. Proximity to California but still west of Phoenix traffic.
  3. Beats the heck out of living in Yuma, Tonapah, or Salome. Can you imagine the dinner table discussion with Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh transferees? “Honey, we’re moving to Yuma, AZ. No, I don’t know which deserts it is located between.”

The truth is that GEOrgia Lord and the rest of the seven dwarfs on Goodyear city council have yet to discover a spending/incentive program that they don’t all love. And they all love spending your money.

Tomorrow: The new GY Budget and YOUR 7.34% property tax rate increase in order to support all the new spending.

*Yantis can’t help it. He has deadlines and Goodyear’s Info Office just feeds him stuff to print.
** ST. Gobain details my estimate, $250,000 per year. Suntech $500k. SAS $250k. Subzero $650k. Dick’s $1.5 mil. Emmy Video $80k.


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