Property Tax Rates Going Up 7.34% (again) in Goodyear

Editor’s note. There are 5,000 plus lemming like voters who live in Goodyear who keep re-electing the same liberal, tax and spend seven dwarf council members to the Goodyear city council along with GEOrgia Lord, the city mayor who does not know what the unemployment rate is in her city. You 5,000 plus lemmings DESERVE these latest property tax rate increases. The rest of the 20,000 plus registered Goodyear voters who did not even bother to return your mail in ballots? You deserve the increased property taxes too.

Did you read your most recent Infocus Magazine, the city of Goodyear’s publicly funded political propaganda newspaper? Don’t you just love how they tell you they’re going to soak you again for more tax revenue while they try to make you feel like you are going to like these increases? Everything is getting better, they say, but the city budget is still, “conservative”. Revenues are projected at $73 million.

But guess what, those $73 million in revenues are projected AFTER they raise your property tax rates over 7%.

Chairman Brian (GY city manager Brian Dalke) says they, “want to be cautious despite growth in revenues”. Yeah, growth in revenues AFTER they raise your property tax rates over 7%.

And look how they try to minimize and marginalize the increase. Only, “61 cents per month on a home valued at $120,000”. When they tried to take credit for job growth, they quoted a “61%” increase. But now they don’t like to use percentages. They don’t want to tell you they’re increasing your rates over 7%. “61 cents per 120,000 in valuation” sounds soooo much easier to take. 61 cents is about 20 times greater than the reduction on a $100 grocery bill as a result of their glamorized food tax change that they swooned over last year. And you get to pay it every month whether you like it or not. And if you happen to own a home in Pebble Creek worth, say, $360,000, you’re going to pay $22 more than you would have in order to allow Chairman Brian to give he and his employees more pay raises and better support their defined benefit retirement plans that just allowed Goodyear’s 49 year old, inept, $150,000 per year plus fire chief to retire with FULL BENEFITS for the rest of his expected 30 to 40 plus year lifetime on your dime.

Think about that for a minute. A 49 year old who was making $150,000 per year when he got booted out for incompetence is going to retire on your dime for the next 30 to 40 years. Even if he started working full time at age 16 to 19, he is going to be collecting FULL BENEFITS based upon his HIGHEST LIFETIME SALARY for many many years longer than he WORKED IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

Did you get that? He’s retiring at 49. If he started working at 16 he’s WORKED 33 years. Now, based upon his HIGHEST EVER annual salaries in his entire 33 year career, YOU are going to pay him to stay home for the next 30 to 40 years.

Higher and Higher Spending in Goodyear
You’re reading this blog and you’re surprised at tax rates going up? Are you kidding me? Do you think Goodyear is spending less money through a recession? They have spent more money every year since 2010, and they spent $8 million more in 2009 than they did in 2008. Right through the recession.

Their marketing tag line (they pay a lot of public policy marketers big bucks in Goodyear to figure out how to tell you stuff so you’ll like it) is:


But guess what, the TARGET, is YOU. The property tax payer.

Chairman Brian goes on to tell you that because home valuations on the tax roles have still not recovered enough, “to cover … expenses” Goodyear will once again need to increase your property tax rates. “The unfortunate result is the need to adjust the rate to cover the shortfall” says Brian.

Adjust the rate to cover the shortfall? C’mon man! That’s backwards isn’t it? Aren’t you supposed to reduce the spending to cover the shortfall? How about firing a few $100,000 plus marketing employees? How about not overpaying for buildings? How about cancelling Infocus magazine in order to save some money?

The Facts
Here is an article I wrote over a year ago showing you that Goodyear has spent MORE and MORE money each year since 2008 as revenues fell. Spending Article. And how much are they going to spend this year? The simple, one word answer is, “MORE”. Upwards of $73 million of your tax dollars. Compare that to 2010 when they spent $66 million.

You bet they’re on target. The target is your wallet.

Feel like expressing yourself?

Tomorrow: Just how much of your tax money will the former fire chief get?


3 Responses

  1. Oh Howard, I hear your frustration in this one. In 2008, when they raised the property tax just over 2%, maxing out the tax by law, I felt the same way. Printed up thousands of flyers with this and other “important information” on it and tagged every car in every parking lot that I could. This all just before Brian’s planned meeting to fire, NOT RETIRE, me – the bright woman with a voice who was ripped apart PUBLICLY in open broadcast city council meetings. I was “crazy”, didn’t know what I was talking about, nosy… I’m sorry the election turnout was so poor and the citizens of Goodyear live day in and day out with their blinders on. If you can, and your spirit is there, keep it up… because eventually what goes around, comes around and your efforts will pay off. Thanks for all your efforts and the vindication that has come to me knowing I’m not the only “crazy” one.

  2. The fire chief is not retiring with full benefits, after retirement he will have No Benefits and his retirement is a percentage of his best 3 years. His retirement check is paid out by the public safety retirement system. The city will not have to pay any additional money for his retirement. EVER.

    Editor’s note. See my reply below to find out just how uninformed Johnny is.

    • Wrong, Johnny.
      The city is required to pay a percentage of their employee salaries to the ASRS every year. And year after year that percentage has been going up. Want to know why? Because the ASRS is falling further and further behind in its funding.

      And why is that? Because of absurd and unaffordable arrangements like those described.
      Hey, I’m not blaming the former chief. He played the rules best he could. The problem is with the policy makers who have allowed this to happen.
      And one more thing. Tomorrow I will tell you just how much the former chief is going to get.

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