30% Operating Budget Increase

A mere two years ago, in 2011, Goodyear spent $67 million on operations (everyday ongoing spending to run the city).

Your city council just passed a 2014 budget which according to the AZ Republic includes operating expenditures of $87 million, 30% MORE than 2011, and raised your property taxes 3.3% for the third time in three years in order to pay for it.

Are you surprised with this city council?

It consists of Mayor GEOrgia who does not even know the unemployment rate in her own town and never met a spending proposal she did not like, Pizzillo and Stipp, former city employees, Wally, who spent a career as a secretary working for the government, Osborne, well… , you just elected the former Chamber of Commerce president, do you think she’ll forget her business pals? and a lawyer.
What did you expect?


2 Responses

  1. low information voters…. do it again electing their friends, growing government, over spending in the operating of our city and supporting unions with all of their benefits which are way better than the private sector !.. Goodyear non voters and all voters who supported these incompetent jerks you have no right to bitch about anything… you are getting exactly what you voted for… it is to bad the rest of us intelligent voters have to watch our city become another Bell California because of you…… PebbleCreeker’s who voted for anyone on this council… SHAME ON YOU…

  2. At times it seems like nobody cares anymore and then you’re refreshed after reading Howard’s blog entries. Thanks Howard and keep up the good work.

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