Georgia’s 7% Solution

Last year GY increased your tax rate by over 7.3% and by over 17% the year before that.

This year GY has increased your tax levy by over 7%.

GY just keeps on spending more and more of your tax money.  And most of it is on increased personnel, more admin, and more personnel benefits for city employees.


  1. 100% increase in personnel spend in Economic Development.
    In 2011 Personnel spending in GY Economic Development Dept was $285,000.  In 2013, $612,000. More than double. And that’s in only two years.  And during a recession.  And what have we gotten from all that spend? Well, Suntech left with over $500,000 of your tax dollars.  How’s that for a successful program?
  2. 50% increase in Parks and Rec spend.
    Parks and Rec in GY spent $3.9 million in 2011.  Their 2014 budget is $4.9 million. P&R ADMIN personnel spend is up by over 25% from $1.2 mil to $1.5 mil in the same period.
    GY has budgeted nearly $5 million dollars for Parks and Rec in 2013-14. FIVE MILLION.  And that does NOT include the money losing Stadium.  In 2007 Parks & Rec spent $3.4 million. That’s a 50% INCREASE from 2007 to 2013-14.
    Have you seen a 50% improvement in your GY parks?
  3. 117% increase in Mayor and council spend.
    Mayor and council office. 2010 Actual, $170,000.  2012 Actual, $377,000.  Trips to Washington, a new Harvard education for Joanne, rubbing shoulders with Obama at the League of Cities.  It all costs money.

I have included a summary of GY spending since 2010 below.

GY’s 2013-14 operating Budget is $85 million.  GY spent $66.1 million in 2010.  Nearly 1/3 higher in only 3 years.

But there are 5,000 plus faithful voters in GY who keep re-electing the same old connected bunch who are dearly loved by the employees and suppliers of the city of Goodyear as well as the developers and business interests who fund their election campaigns.

2010 $66.1
2011 $67.4
2012 $71.2
2013 est $74.7
2014 budget $85

I’ve been telling you this for a few years now.  The Do-Nothings.


2 Responses

  1. Well anyone who voted for these idiots doesn’t have legitimate gripe and should just shut up! We you voted for your “friends” who screwed you over raising taxes and grew government, you deserve what you get! Actually your “friends” you voted for love their employees and unions better than you. They want their name stamped somewhere on a government park or a building always to remind you of how they screwed you over… but you low information voters who vote your for friends haven’t figure that out. 😦 Maybe the next time you’ll vote for small government, cut taxes, qualified talented statesmen, you know the kind that love our city more than ribbon cutting chicken dinners and cuddling up to all the other liberal government life time pony riders who have ruined our great nation. This last election there were more people in the cart than pulling the cart. Goodyear is now the same way… Goodyear is another Bell California waiting to happen!.

  2. Wow… glad to see you still pushing Howard. Its hard to get Sheeple to listen without just giving up. Congrats to you. This has been going on for over 6 years or more. Someday you’ll get through to them.

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