Save Millions, Get Rid of GY Economic Development

Now that it is becoming apparent that Arizona and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s entire government directed solar incentive program is a bunch of hooey, is someone (Robert Robb) at the AZ Republic (Robb Solar Article) finally starting to “get it” when it comes to my years long reporting and analysis about how badly government spends your money?

Now that APS wants to bill solar panel homes $50 to $100 per month to “use APS’s grid” because everyone without solar power is subsidizing solar powered homes’ low power bills, did anyone think to ask, “didn’t you see this coming when you put this in motion?”

That’s just how STUPID (or dishonest, or full of themselves, take your pick) elected government “servants” tend to be.

And Speaking of STUPID…
Will it ever become fashionable for local reporters to start asking Goodyear’s  mayor GEOrgia and the rest of city council what makes them think they are so smart that they are smarter than markets?  Is it their claimed high school diplomas and “real estate” degrees? Will reporters start to finally ask where $35 million dollars has gone while the Goodyear city council claims they have, “lived within their means”?

Will someone besides me ask them why they paid $12 million dollars for a building their own appraiser said was worth only $8 million?

You decide.
Read Robb’s article in today’s AZ Republic (link above).

Then read what I’ve been saying for a few years now about Goodyear’s giveaways (links below).

Let’s give public money to McDonald’s

Trust me, I’m a journalism major.

 Where has $35 million of taxpayer money gone?

 GEOrgia is “Extremely Proud”.  Of wasting all that money?

 $500,000 frittered away on Suntech

 $450 per second economic development video.

 Barry Broome, “Only $3 million dollars.”


2 Responses

  1. Article is a crock penned by an uniformed reporter. APS is not paying solar customers anything close to retail. Buy peak power from APS for 13-24 cents and get 2.8 cents for excess peak solar. Buy off-peak from APS for 6-9 cents and get 2.8 cents for excess peak solar. So they buy peak from one customer for 2.8 cents and sell it to customer next door for 13-24 cents. That’s not even close to fair and that is the current structure.

    • Who cares?
      That’s not even the point Earl. Let’s say you’re right and Robb is wrong with the figures you quote. APS STILL wants $50 -$100 per month fee because apparently no one who set this program in motion ever bothered to do the math.
      And that’s a fact.

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