Your Government in Action

Obama won’t tell you how badly the Obamacare rollout is going.

GEOrgia and Goodyear keep telling us that their Million Dollar per year Economic Development department is bringing in “high tech” economic growth to Goodyear and “The Mall” will be built any day now. (In reality, some experts believe that there may not be another high end mall built in ALL OF AMERICA for the next 10-15 years!).

To get any real info from political hacks like GEOrgia, good reporters have to mine their own data. In the case of the Obama loving national press, they just don’t bother. The drive by media just report to you what Obama’s press folks put out, just like Goodyear does.

Except The Wall Street Journal.

In an article today, the Journal is reporting what it has learned about how, after three weeks, the Obamacare rollout is going by speaking directly to the health care insurers who are signing up all those new, young, healthy customers.

Here is what WSJ reported today ( about the number of TOTAL enrollees so far:
Blue Cross of Nebraska 50.
Avera Health SD 21.
Priority Health MI “couple of dozen”.
Scott&White, TX 25.
And the companies are having to telephone each enrollee because most of the data is either wrong or incomplete.

And who is spending countless hours trying to sign up through a failed on line website? WSJ found one 48 year old woman who was willing to speak with them about how difficult it was to sign up. She has MS and her drugs cost her over $4,000 per year.

Yep, the mall should be here any day now, and oh yes, GEOrgia is the mayor who does not even know what her city’s unemployment rate is.


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