Oops, GY Economic Development Strikes Again

Bye Bye Basha’s
Lockheed is leaving GY. 600 good jobs gone.
Basha’s at Estrella north of I-10 is closing in January according to employees.

Did you know that GY spends over $600,000 per year of your tax money on a bloated Economic Development department? More than double what they spent since GEOrgia became mayor.

Most of that is salaries for highly paid public “officials” who are supposed to be experts at growing communities.
And they all have generous defined benefit retirement plans that you pay for too.
Great investment, eh?


4 Responses

  1. Lockheed is located on a county island, not in the City of Goodyear.

  2. Very interesting so can we or can’t we blame Goodyear?

  3. Goodyear leadership strikes again.
    Development Services Director on Admin Leave.
    Deputy Director demoted.
    City Managers pet employee involved in drug case with former Goodyear officers. Drugs found at her home.
    Romina Khananisho who was than placed as interim Economic development director.
    A lot has happened over the summer.

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