Hold Onto Your Wallet

Here is an interesting article that resident Goodyear taxpayers should read carefully:
Development about to take off near Goodyear AirPark
Especially this part:
“In order to attract companies to the Goodyear AirPark, the partners are working with the Arizona Commerce Authority, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, the Goodyear Economic Development Division and with the site-selection industry, Lydon said.”

Where Do You Think This Article Came From?
You think some reporter just dug this up? Nope, this was “placed”. Written, probably by GY to start playing up a wonderful new opportunity to give away more of your money to some developer.
But WOW, 4,000 Jobs!
Complete baloney. There are only about 25,000 working people who live in GY. Do you really think a single 267 acre site which this developer has owned for 20 years is going to increase the number of local jobs by an amount equal to nearly 20% of all GY workers?

This is a bunch of crap, folks. GY local government today are politically connected, liberal, control freaks who think they and only they can increase economic activity in the area, and they do it by giving away your money.
And you all keep voting for them.


One Response

  1. New business should be about bringing human scale small businesses in a “walking” community with a main street feel. A place where people want to gather. Where’s the “community” in Goodyear when everything is a government institution or big box mall or prisons? Community has been designed out of existence. What the city leaders have created is an impersonal place where the government continues on its path as the handful of profiteers line their pockets at taxpayer expense. That IS Arizona — land of the carpetbaggers.

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