Juvenile Narcissits

In our last episode, our hero (that’s me, howardsgoodyearblog) had graciously invited a far left liberal (Terwilliger) to post his opposing views on our hero’s blog. This, even though the far left liberal had initially name called our hero on the community message board.

 In today’s episode, we find our hero beleaguered by an apparently even farther left loon, who repeatedly refers to himself in the third person plural (that tells you something, eh?) as one of the “Boji Boys” whatever that means*. Boji rants interminably on the message board in literally hundreds of words in multiple postings (all of which break multiple message board posting rules about discussions, debates, political opinions, etc etc) about our hero’s inexcusable behavior of posting links on the previously mentioned community message board which Boji says should be outlawed because these links lead to our hero’s opinions and “everybody know they are just his opinions”.  It is as if Boji enjoys staring into someone’s high beams coming at him and cursing instead of just looking away from them.

 But hold on just a minute, something is not adding up here. First of all, this latest post on our hero’s blog, the link to which Boji finds so objectionable, was Terwilliger’s response to our hero’s invitation to post his facts supporting Terwilliger’s opinion.

It was a LIBERAL’s opinion, not our hero’s opinion.

 And second, the message board moderators, who have more than once in the past moderated our hero and explained to our hero what the message board rules are and that he MUST obey all the rules, (which he does) are firm in their position that posting links on said message board is COMPLETELY WITHIN THE RULES.

 So why is some guy who refers to himself in the plural third person breaking all the message board rules while ranting on about obeying message board rules?  Is this a political thing?

 I don’t think so.  On the surface maybe, but let’s take a closer look.

 I Met a Liberal This Week
This past week a lady who I do not even know came up to me and said, “are you Howard, of howardsgoodyearblog?”  Yes. “Well, I want you to know that I have considered myself to be a liberal all my life, and while I do not agree with most of what I read on your blog, I want to apologize to you for the behavior of those people who have recently posted on your blog and on our message board and want to restrict it. They are as much of an embarrassment to me as a liberal as I am certain far right conservative kooks are to you.”

 That lady was saying, “don’t paint me with the same brush as Boji and others.”

 I gave that lady a hug.

 Thanks, Moderators
Credit to the message board moderators for allowing Boji to continue his rant even while breaking all the message board rules.  I think they have done a service to the community by allowing Boji to have an extended temper tantrum in the public square.  It lets people know who and what they are dealing with.

 Next, what the liberal lady has suggested in her comment to me is that what Boji is doing is not about politics, opinions, rules, or anything close to that. Boji is simply an attention starved juvenile narcissist. By throwing a temper tantrum on the community message board, Boji sees first and foremost, that he gets attention.  That is because others respond to his posts and then he gets to post something else. More attention. This is what attention craving babies do when they want something they can’t have.  They just keep on crying until they either run out of gas, or get what they want, or… get attention.

 In fact, most of the time it may not get them what they want, but unless their parents have the will power, it will at least get them attention. And every time it gets them attention, it reinforces their behavior so they are even more apt to do it again and again and again.

 A Message to All the Adults in the Room
What is the best way to handle a child having a tantrum?  Any teacher, concerned parent, or child psychologist will tell you the best way to handle a child having a tantrum is to IGNORE THEM.

 So my advice to message boarders, IGNORE THEM.  Hit the delete button with joy in your heart even if Boji or others like him is simply looking for his lost cat (I know that sounds mean but I don’t like cats anyway) Don’t even read Boji’s next post because you are really doing Boji and other attention craving juvenile narcissists a favor by denying them attention.  It may take awhile, but they’ll eventually get the message. Maybe it will help them out in some way.

 And as the moderators have wisely stated, hit the delete button with my posts if it makes you feel better too.

*Boji defined on the web.     You see, they just want attention.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent! Luv the def of Boji. No surprise here. After the moderator re-posted the rules, did it have any negative impact to you? I couldn’t tell about the thing on “political”. Rich Long

    On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 1:48 PM, howardsgoodyearblog wrote:

    > Howard’s Goodyear posted: “In our last episode, our hero (thats me, > howardsgoodyearblog) had graciously invited a far left liberal > (Terwilliger) to post his opposing views on our heros blog. This, even > though the far left liberal had initially name called our hero on the > communit”

  2. Also, it will be very interesting to see what response you get from the Boji boy. 😉 Rich

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