Anthony Weiner, Michael Vick, Goodyear City Council

Your GY City Council

Your GY City Council

Can we all agree that Anthony Weiner and Michael Vick made a few pretty big mistakes in their lives recently? Weiner the married, non stop sexting maniac, and Vick a repeat animal abuser.

 But what do you think would happen if you sent Anthony or Michael a letter asking them what they plan to do in the future in order to prevent them from making similar mistakes? Don’t you think that they (or their publicist) would write you an apologetic, contrite response, stating that they made mistakes in their past but here are the things they are doing in order to improve their foolish ways of the past?

 Don’t you really think that these two morally perverse bad actors who have displayed some extremely bad habits would respond in that way?  Even bad guys as bad as these two?  I do.

 But what if you sent a letter to the City of Goodyear, Arizona, city council, and simply asked people WHO WORK FOR YOU what are they planning on doing differently in the future in order to avoid making BIG financial mistakes like giving Suntech $500,000 of our tax money for practically NO benefit to taxpayers? (TEN TIMES the comparative $$ given to Solyndra, by the way). Wouldn’t you expect AT LEAST as an apologetic reply from GEOrgia, Wally, Joe, Bill, Sheri, Joanne, and Sharolyn as you would expect from bad actors Anthony and Michael?  I mean, they DO work for you, don’t they?

 Think again.

 Goodyear resident and taxpayer Jake (name withheld) did just that a few weeks ago. (Jake Email to GEOrgia and council).  And what do you think our upstanding public servant know it alls in Goodyear replied to Jake?  Do you think they apologized?  Do you think that they even ACKNOWLEDGED any kind of mistake on their part? Do you think they could reply with an ANSWER to WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO IN THE FUTURE to avoid a similar fiasco?

 Are you kidding me?  They gave Jake an explanation of what they did and why it is so good for Jake.

 Rather than apologize, rather than tell Jake what they have done to prevent another disastrous MISTAKE like Suntech, (Jake Email to GEOrgia and council) here is a synopsis of what GEOrgia et al told Jake:

  1. We recruited Suntech starting in 2009 in the “depths of the recession” and it was APPROVED by city council. (oh my, approved by city council, I guess that makes it all OK).
  2. We did it because the state had cut training funds due to the recession. (cutting spending in a recession, sounds like a good idea to me).
  3. This was an INVESTMENT in job training skills which we have decided ARE GOOD FOR YOU TAXPAYERS.
  4. Suntech met all the requirements GY gave them. (Has it ever occurred to you that you may have written some pretty STUPID requirements then?  Has it?)
  5. We give money away to people we choose to give it away to as a way of CREATING JOBS. (Even though NOT ONE OF US has ever run or even managed our own business of any size or consequence.*)
  6. We think we are SO GOOD AT THIS that we continue to make even more plans to GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY in the future.
  7. Write and ask us any questions you want in the future, (but don’t expect any apologies for our past mistakes as we push forward to make probably even bigger mistakes).

 You don’t have to believe me, folks.  Read their email that they sent Jake, signed, “Mayor and Council City of Goodyear”.  I’ve included a link to it above.

 So there you have it folks. Our GY city council members probably feel less moral and civic responsibility for their mistakes and learn less from them than bad moral characters like Anthony Weiner or Michael Vick.

 You elected them.


  • GEOrgia sold real estate in a booming up market for a few years one time.
  • Stipp is a 40 some year old “disabled, retired” former Goodyear fire fighter getting about $50,000 per year for the rest of his life, or until his back gets better, who claims his inability to perform “torsional” tasks due to his bad back, and carry a 23 pound breathing air canister is responsible for his disability. Stipp, however, is an avid golfer (back torsion) and even has a vanity plate which says “FORE ME” and by my estimate is probably four times more overweight than the weight of the 23 pound air canister he claims his back cannot support.  Stipp refused medical treatment after the event which claims he hurt his back on the job, so there is no evidence that the job injury caused his disability or not.  Stipp is the chairman of the Goodyear Retirement Review Board which rules on all retirement disability claims for the city.
  • Joanne’s husband runs a jewelry store but from Joanne’s performance in city council meetings on financial topics we know Joanne has little or nothing to do with the business side of that.
  • Wally is a lifelong government employee.
  • Joe is a lifelong Goodyear government employee.
  • Sharolyn is a former business supporter from the local chamber of commerce
  • Sheri is a lawyer. (By the way, did you hear the joke about why lawyers are like sperm? Because they have about a one in a million chance of becoming a human being some day).

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