Basha’s, Goodwill

Great job, again, GEOrgia et al at GY city hall! You wasted over $40 million taxpayer dollars on a one sided, developer friendly “mall” agreement that is so bad you have virtually NO enforcement provisions or way of extricating yourself from it.
Now we hear Basha’s is closing Feb 1. What’s the matter GY Economic Development Department? There wasn’t enough money in your over half a million dollar per year (mostly salary) budget to bribe another of your favored “picking winners” business choices, like Suntech?

But wait….. a new “high end” tenant has appeared on the horizon and has been announced across the street.

Drum roll please……


Yep, nothing wrong with Goodwill, but I can tell you for sure that they will move locations for a buck three ninety eight rent savings and a cup of coffee (McDonald’s coffee). Hey, GEOrgia, will you be hosting the ribbon cutting?

Must be a pretty bleak retail rental market out there for Macerich to agree to that.

But don’t worry, citizens, there is a local election coming up in November, I’m certain there will be “the mall is about to be built” announcements from our lying, tax and spend, irresponsible, and unaccountable public servants (GY city council and current city management) any day now well before election time (again).


13 Responses

  1. Am I just gloating a wee bit in this article?
    You bet your sweet ass I am.

  2. Howard, honestly I don’t know if you are more right than wrong in your constant criticism of the city council and I really don’t care. However I am wondering why everything you write is always so nasty, vindictive and just plan ignorant and rude.. Can you not disagree without being disagreeable.? Even if you make valid points, you diminish yourself by being so nasty and your valid points are not seen that way but are seen by the reader as being made because you hate the city council If you want to be relevant than be respectful.

    Roy Azzarello

    • Roy, lighten up, man.
      These people are a bunch of clowns. They’re leading the “ineptocracy”.
      It’s funny. If we didn’t poke fun at them we’d be in tears over the waste in time, effort, and (little) talent.

      • One of my favorite lines…
        Sometimes we must laugh, before we cry. I’m with you Howard and I have not read ignorance in any of your posts by the way… that would be a lack of knowledge, that obviously some followers don’t know the definition of either….

  3. Hmmm. High end? Nordstrom, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Goodwill. My, they sure have moved up in the retail market.

  4. Want to know how “low” Goodyear can go? Just drive down the streets in both sides of Wildflower Ranch. Thirty year old cars parked in front of houses, not moved for months. A taxi business IN the development with huge yellow taxis (THREE OF THEM) parked out in front of a house. Empty, unlandscaped, bare dirt front “lawns”. Backyards with view fences facing the green washes, filled with trash, multiple little storage sheds. Garages with bunkbeds for people to sleep on because the rented house contains multiple families. Driveways with several grills fired up, lots of old folding chairs, people with cowboy hats tossing beer cans on the front lawn until the party is over, then they clean up. Can’t believe I bought here in 2011……I feel like I live in a third world country.

    • Does Wildflower have an HOA .. if so that is who you need to complain to. They are not doing their job!!

    • Contact the HOA, not all of Wild Flower Ranch is beat up, this is a good town, you have complaints call the HOA.

  5. Goodwill? That sucks. Tattoos next door?

  6. What’s wrong with Goodwill? I shop there and when I am there I see a lot of Pebblecreekers! So I guess we think we have different classes of Pebblecreekers Right Mary Miller?

    • Sweetie, I shop resale myself. The key word in the blog is “high-end”. Goodwill is not a high-end retailer. And by the way, I’m not a “Creeker”. The point is the WASTE and IDIOCY of local government. OBVIOUSLY tax on a 400$ suit by an out-of-towner rather than no tax – since I highly doubt people will drive to Goodyears “mall” because it has a Goodwill… think smart not like them. And so it goes to show that class isn’t where the difference may be but in intellect.

  7. any truth to Bashes being KICKED out ?? A friend told me a manager told her that Bashes was basically kicked out it wasn’t their choice to leave and that a Feed Store is going in ….

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