Jen Barber Agrees With Me?

Jen Barber commented on my article yesterday about Goodyear’s over reaching general plan by placing a link to her own website* as the comment. Very clever.  As a result, if you want to know what Jen Barber thinks, you’ll have to go to HER website to see it.  Well, as you probably know, howardsgoodyearblog does not play games like that, so I have included a link to Jen’s website article below.

In Jen’s article she praises the city’s general plan efforts, calls me a liar***, says the city should get involved in everything from promoting some food providers over others, some lifestyles**** over others, and then asks how could anyone (some neanderthal like me?) NOT want all this good political Christmas wish list stuff, just like the well meaning JEN wants?

The self described “community activist”, communications journalism major, consumer advocate, school supporter, and neighborhood promoter (have I missed anything?) is now an “I want everything” GY General Plan supporter too.**

You would think that a journalism major who says she reported the news for 20 years would be a bit more forthcoming with some facts instead of writing a misleading, innuendo filled hack job on my article without even mentioning what she is referring to nor identifying howardsgoodyearblog as the reason she wrote her article in the first place.  Of course, if she did that, then people would have the ability to read what I actually wrote, see that she is misrepresenting what I wrote and decide for themselves.

Jen neglects to tell the reader, that in fact, in my article,I asked and answered the EXACT SAME QUESTION as she does.  “What is not to like about all this stuff?”

This is just another example of a typical liberal response. Name calling. Rather than take on your opponent’s position head on, misrepresent the facts and paint the person you disagree with as ignorant. Therefore, his positions must be SO FAR out of the mainstream, how could you possibly agree with them? You know, “War on Women”, “Evil Warmonger”, “One Percenters”.  That kind of stuff.

Pity Jen, who is so misled that she even calls herself a conservative on her website.

Jen simply misses the point as many well meaning, self promoting, brain-directly-connected-to-mouth journalism majors like Jen often do. The promise of freedom and liberty in a democracy is to LIMIT government, NOT promote it, as Jen and other social liberals continue to do.

Do you think Jen will put a link to my blog on her website now? Maybe not.

* Her own web site you might ask? Yes, Jen V. Barber has her own self promoting website. It opens with a big photo of Jen not only standing in front of an American flag, but the website background is an American flag as well. I guess she was paying attention in her journalism marketing class.

** Have I missed anything or does Barber participate in even more community activism than I have listed?  Barber may be locked in a neck and neck struggle with Joanne Osborne for the title of “most committees a person can be on”.  Does Jen have any experience running a business for profit? How about a solid financial background and an ability to read a financial statement  and actually understand what one can afford and what is nonsense?

*** After writing what might be a few hundred words praising GY’s efforts to get input from residents on the GYGP, Jen refers to my article, claiming that  I said that only 20 people had any input on the GYGP. Here is what she wrote:
“So it’s not only unfair to say just 15-20 citizens had input on the 2025 General Plan. It’s inaccurate.”
That is a complete fabrication, Jen. I never said that. Liar, liar, pants on fire, Jen. That is how they might teach you to do it in journalism school, but you’re not going to get away with it on my blog. SHOW ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHERE I SAID THAT, JEN.

**** How can liberals selectively say stuff like this with a straight face?  Somehow it is OK for a liberal to shove what they refer to as a “healthy lifestyle” down your throat, but imagine if I or anyone else says that they prefer a “straight” lifestyle over a “gay” lifestyle.  WOW.  Then the lifestyle police would be all over you.

Here is the promised link where you can read what Jen has to say. (Liar, liar, pants on fire).
OOOPS turns out Jen’s website is not working today. It worked yesterday. Seem familiar? Government in action?
Anyway, Jen put a new comment on my yesterday article with a lot of what was in her article, including most of the misleading stuff. Go to yesterday’s article and read the comments section and you will find it.
THIS LINK IS BROKEN until Jen fixes it.


4 Responses

  1. It looks like her link is password protected.

    • No kidding? It worked yesterday.
      I wonder what happened? Maybe her “handlers” told her to take it down?
      I don’t know.
      Government in action.
      I will see if I can retrieve a copy of it somehow and add it to this article.

  2. My apologies for a broken link.
    (Oh, c’mon man, links don’t just break. Either you or someone else did something to the link or the site because it worked yesterday and you know it. Why not be truthful for a nice change? “Trust me, I’m a journalism major.”)

    I appreciate your post about the Goodyear 2025 General Plan. But I respectfully disagree on a few aspects.

    I can find dates of the City reaching out to residents for input on the plan going back as far as the G.A.I.N. event in October 2012.

    In February 2013, the City held at least 3 large community forums across Goodyear asking for resident thoughts and ideas for Goodyear’s future.

    The Goodyear Connects website – – was another avenue for residents to have their say on Goodyear’s vision.

    And informational updates on the General Plan were given at various Council worksessions and public meetings.

    It’s not just unfair to say only 15-20 people took part… it’s in accurate. I think it’s more into the hundreds.

    I applaud people who step and take a proactive approach in designing their City’s future.

    Additionally, who wouldn’t want to live in a City that appeals to healthy activity? Some of America’s greatest cities are also fit cities. Here’s a great link about America’s Top 20 Healthiest Cities:

    Our elected leaders absolutely have a fiscal responsibility regarding Goodyear’s future.

    Registered voters can have the final say on the 2025 General Plan on November 4th.

    The next council election is “to be determined.”

  3. Still broken and password protected. Maybe she didn’t look at appendix C. The percent to total population ratio is dispicable. Some citizens even got to put dots on a board!! There was no town hall meeting held within the Goodyear city limits (prior to the Mobile annexation). The Mobile area has a population of less than 100 and 15 people participated in the town hall meeting addressing only the General Plan. More than 15% of the population. So for the MAJORITY of the residents, the remaining 60, 000 or so they decided that little “community events” would be better, like GAIN (130 suggestions), a visioning workshop (40 attendees), the City website (no stats supplied), another GAIN where 240 dots were put on a board. So do you see the pattern here? HIDE behind a bunch of small events your effort and forget about a town hall meetings (or series of town hall meetings in smaller settings to avoid mass confusion – maybe by neighborhood). If 15% of the population (9000) showed up that would be much more successful than the “events” they claim to have gotten input from. Its all a bunch of fluff with chocolate sprinkles on top…

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