Of Ocean Tides and Swamps

When will voters realize that politics has crossed over from being primarily public service to primarily being a business? Sure, there are well meaning, selfless individuals in both political parties, and there are conservatives and liberals who want to make an impact for the good of the citizens, but nowadays they are the exception, not the rule. Today, like the Kennedy’s, whole families and even generations of families go into the family business of politics.
Years ago, when public service jobs were “low paying but steady” many people certainly took the risk of getting re-elected rather than working a real job either because given their skill level, education, or ability, it was the best work they could get or, “someone” was supporting them in order to get something done for that same someone. Today, with government benefits, pensions, and security getting better and better compared to a real job, it is BY FAR the best work many politicians could EVER get given their abilities. And when they can, they pass it on to their culturally and genetically related ability challenged kids.
With this in mind, voters must stop looking at government as a necessary security blanket full of well meaning and selfless practitioners and begin to see it for what it has become. Self interested big business. The biggest of all big businesses.
In my experience running a large business enterprise, there is only one way to make it more profitable, or in this case more efficient. Stop feeding it. Instead of asking those at the party table what they could possibly give up, you just take away the plates until they leave of their own accord. They will figure out how to deal with less much faster once they have less than if you ask them nicely to use less which we see from experience they almost never do.
Voters need to stop looking at government as soothing waves lapping gently on the beach on a hot summer day whose rising tide washes over them with cooling comfort.
Instead, voters need to drain the swamp.


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