You Just Got AT LEAST a 15% Property Tax Increase

I know, I know, before all the GEOrgia supporters come all unglued, I realize that starting this year the increase in the LPV (limited property value) is capped at no more than 5% per year.

But did you see what happened to your cash value? Up 15%.

Did anyone on GY city council mention even one word about reducing the levy this year so the full 5% would not apply? No way Jose.

Think any of them will next year?

How about the year after that?

I rest my case. You just got an assured 15% increase (or more) in GY over the next three years.

And after that they’ll start tacking on whatever else values go up by. 5% per year, year after year. And the beauty of it for the seven dwarfs (GY city council) is that they will strut around at election time telling you that they are all so fiscally responsible that look, “I have NOT raised your tax(es)” (rate).


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