SB 1062. “Just the Facts, M’am”

Sometimes it is good to know exactly what the facts are before forming an opinion.
Here is the actual text of SB 1062:

Here is the text (ignore the red cross outs and the blue added words) of what SB 1062 replaces:

For the less observant, these are THE SAME LINKS.

That is because all SB 1062 does is modify existing AZ law, 41-1493 and 41-1493.01 that has been on the books in AZ as well as many other states since the early 1990s. It does this by adding about 100 words to about a 1,000 word document and removes about 20 words.

By my reading it is not much. Here is what I see it does;

  1. Adds the actual observance of religion to the definition of “exercise of religion”.
  2. Redefines “person” from “a religious assembly or institution” to an individual, corporation, foundation etc.
  3. Uses the phrase “state action” to replace the word “government”.
  4. Changes the meaning of “burden” from a burden on a person to a burden on a person’s “exercise of religion”.
  5. Expands the law to cover judicial proceedings between any two parties, not just the government.
  6. Defines “state action” to include state as well as local laws.

I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. It would appear to me that someone with time on their hands and an agenda just wants to make an issue of this in the press.  I don’t know who that might be or why, but I’m not spending anymore time on this.


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