The Mall, Joe Pizzillo, Part One

GY Vice Mayor Pizzillo

GY Vice Mayor Pizzillo

In the February issue of Viva Magazine, Goodyear Vice Mayor Joe Pizzillo was asked and answered the following question (I quote verbatim):

“VIVA Magazine: Any updates on the mall?
Joe Pizzillo: I was just at a meeting where the developer assured us that the mall would open by the end of 2016.”

We’ve seen this movie before, friends. We are now in 2014, and elections for Joe’s pals on city council (Bill Stipp, Sheri Laruitano, and Joanne Osborne) are now only 8 months away.*

Joe Pizzillo is not running for office this time, the 8,000 or so GY residents who bothered to vote in the last council election gave Joe his needed 5,000 plus votes** and we’ve got Joe until 2017 (unless someone organizes a recall vote).  But my guess is that Joe likes it as cozy as it is now on Goodyear City Council with everybody agreeing with everybody else and spending your nearly assured 5% per year property tax increases for the next as many years as we can foresee on ridiculous General Plans and wasteful and practically corrupt economic development programs run by teenage government relations graduates who have never held a real job in their lives.

A Closer Look at Joe’s Reply
“I was just at a meeting where the developer assured us that the mall would open by the end of 2016”

  1.  “I was just at a meeting…”  So Joe says he, Joe Pizzillo, personally attended a meeting where the assuring words were uttered.
  2. “at a meeting…” some kind of meeting took place in a certain time and space, and Joe, and perhaps others, but certainly “the developer” were at that meeting.
  3. “where the developer…”  the developer of the project is Macerich. They may have a local Phoenix subsidiary called Westcor, although GEOrgia has told us previously that Westcor is out of the picture, and GY is now only dealing with Macerich.  But it’s tough to know if GEOrgia knows what she is talking about so let’s give Joe the benefit of the doubt and say that Macerich and/or their direct rep said it in Joe’s presence and also in the presence of others who heard Macerich say it.
  4. “assured us..”  Two parts to this.  One, assured means, “if you like your healthcare you can keep it, period”.  Second, “us” means that Joe was there with at least one other person who could verify what was said and Joe must think that at least one other person heard what Joe heard or he would not have said US.
  5. “the mall would be open by the end of 2016…”  Little doubt about this one.  Guaranteed, mall with be OPEN on or before December 31, 2016.

So in essence, the Vice Mayor of Goodyear, Arizona, in a written and published reply has told YOU the VOTER that:

Goodyear Vice Mayor Joe Pizzillo was personally, and with others,  in a defined location and point in time (meeting) with Macerich or one of their subs (developer) in which an employee or direct agent of Macerich (developer) told Joe Pizzillo and others (us) who could verify that Macerich said what Joe says Macerich said and that Macerich guaranteed (assured) that the mall would be opened and operating no later than December 31, 2016.

That is what your public servant Joe told you.

If some or all of the above statement is untrue, then either Joe Pizzillo is a complete incompetent, or he is a big fat liar, or both.

I don’t believe Joe Pizzillo for one minute.
For starters, the development agreement between GY and Macerich anticipates a THREE YEAR CONSTRUCTION PERIOD for the mall.  I’m frankly tired of hearing the same nonsense from these people who are supposed to be working for you and me, so…..

This time, I’m going to get to the bottom of this political ruse.

Stay tuned….

*council elections will NOT take place in November ONLY if Arizona League of Cities (of which all seven dwarfs are big time supporters) are successful in their law suit to stop the implementation of SB    which forces local elections at the same time as national elections.

**for the past several years, about 5,000 votes wins you a seat on GY city council. This in a town of 65,000 residents.


2 Responses

  1. Remember Joey worked in the financial part of the City of Goodyear for several years . Didn’t get promoted or really make the grade there so left. Then came back and ran for council. While working for the city he learned all the political suck up terms so he can puff out his shirt like he knows what he is talking about, and he also learned to cya this time around to protect his council position. Goodyear Citizen’s have a lot to think about before they loose everything. Bell California isn’t to far away!

  2. Hey Howard, I’m pissed as well at these Yahoo’s. They remind me of my insurance companies that just keep raising the price on me because they pay out uncontested claims instead of trying to stop the fraud. We are the money well they keep drinking from and they spill the water with out a care.

    We need a slate or coalition of people to run for council on a stop spending platform.

    James Howard

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