The NEWS; Government “Productivity”

The February 23, 2014 front page headline article in the Arizona Republic says AZ has improved worker productivity by about 25% since 1993 (144-106/144) but at the same time, (according to the AZ Republic), as a result of those gains, AZ is doing a much poorer job managing its commitment to its residents.

That is the “story” to readers. The poorer performance as a result of productivity improvements.

The Arizona Republic presents a front page, leading headline,  hand wringing indictment of a failure to FUND AZ’s pressing needs.

I submit they write articles like this because the AZ Republic’s yellow journalism staff (some, not all) only looks at half of many issues through their strong biases.

Here is the REAL issue.
Over the same time period AZR does its hand wringing, according to McKinsey, (it took me less than one minute to google this study) PRIVATE multinational US firms have improved their productivity by nearly TWICE (41%) what AZ has while at the same time IMPROVING their products AND customer satisfaction.

Can I have an “Amen Technology”?

The real story here is HOW BADLY government operates compared to the private sector over a similar time period. Why don’t they do a six week headline story about that topic?

The AZ Republic’s bias is so ingrained that it appears in not only how they report, but how they apparently cannot even see the larger issue in this case.  Instead of hand wringing over lack of funding, the more appropriate story should be an INDICTMENT of colossal mismanagement by AZ government compared to the private sector over the period in question.

What is going on in government is not about underfunding, it is about under performing.

What is going on at the AZ Republic is not about misrepresenting, it is about not even understanding.


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