Blind Loon Behavior

If you came here looking for the Joe Pizzillo reply, see the previous article, just scroll down.

Joe Pizzillo has still not answered my questions about his comments about the mall opening by end of 2016, but the normal city-council-supporters acting like blind loons are out in force calling me names on my blog and telling me that “all this info was in the West Valley View”.

Bobbie Watts, big GEOrgia supporter sent this 225 word comment (Bobbie Watts comment) to my previous article about Pizzillo ducking my questions. (and some guy who calls himself Jimmy T. another named Suzie Q. responded. I guess those are their real names, eh?).

Bobbie summarizes some “Valley Partnership” meeting that took place last November, mentions a bunch of official sounding people who attended, and then claims that “all of this was in the West Valley View Nov 22.”

That’s pretty funny.

Because the WVV article Bobbie refers to is merely quotes by GEOrgia Lord, some consulting firm from Texas (who we taxpayers probably paid for) and GY city manager Brian Dalke. By the way, here is the West Valley View article he refers to if you don’t believe me. Goodyear mall on track to open October 2016

Oh yeah, and notice the last line of the WVV article. “Garrett Newland, vice president of the mall’s developer, Macerich, could not be reached for additional questions.”

So if Bobbie is now the official spokesperson for Joe Pizzillo, since it appears Joe does not want to say anything further (I called his office and left a third message today) Bobbie is using city of Goodyear statements to confirm Joe’s claims.

Are they simply overzealous or do they have serious reading comprehension issues?

Here are the very simple questions: Who from the developer assured Joe Pizzillo at a meeting that the mall would open by 2016?  What meeting, and when did it take place?

I’m still waiting, Joe.


5 Responses

  1. i don’t speak for Joe or the Council. If you were not so downright nasty, Goodyear might respondto your queries… If you don’t believe the 2016 date, call Sheri Wakefield-Saenz, Director of Goodyear Development who was in the meeting. Again, why are you so adamantly opposed to the Mall and attack anyone who speaks favorably of it? I hate to see you so frustrated over such a simple matter. Cool it and get back to 2015 taxes.

  2. Bobby you are like everyone one else who is a georgia cheerleader supporter and an a way over the hill individual in age telling other people what they think, how they feel and what they know…. which is only “YOUR OPINION” not the facts. There isn’t one person young and old who doesn’t want the mall. There isn’t one person who doesn’t understand it isn’t going to happen when taxes as so high and the city isn’t providing jobs and the city is going broke. I understand you honestly think that a 80″s plus person knows it all… but really you have a lot of studying to do to catch up on national, state and city finances. You say your a Republican… but really are you… you support big GY government, union and friends rather than truth. Your opinions are not worth the paper they are written on……………… oh yes let’s support Joey who was employed by the city of GY in finances and couldn’t make the grade so he left. Now in council he learn how to puff and blow the political smoke with the rest of them to cya to keep his council job. oh well Bell California you lead the way we are not far behind you.

  3. The mall… money pit, second to the grand ballpark and city center. Bobbie sounds as if her name is JoeJoe, or he typed it and she allowed him to use her name, or she typed it as JoeJoe rattled it off. Joe is a SCAM. The POINT IS ***HE LIED*** not whether or not Howard wants or doesn’t want a mall. He **LIED** in print, and got caught. He **LIED** to me as well, on a more personal level, as In was being mobbed by his city hall friends. He made promises to expose what he knew, not just to me but to Barb Hutinger, who was also mobbed by city hall. Joe knows what is and was going on behind the glass doors… and he**LIED**. Hes Still at it. Brian may be at the top now JoeJoe, but we all knew when ran City Hall all along anyway, right. Well, its gonna crumble Bobbie… real soon. Politics take time, takes time to find an honest politician who cares and has the morals and values to right the wrong. Time IS close. And you will see how truthful and honest JoeJoe has been. And then, you can thank him.

  4. The new mall is on the wrong side of the freeway anyways. Needs to be near the ball park, so tourists can mope around and buy stuff. There is all that great land that the poor Woods family got taken on….

    Also, ‘the new mall’ needs to be an outdoor mall. Not an indoor mall like all the Pebble Creekers (PC’s) want. PC’s want a place to go and walk in the summer months, they don’t want to buy ANYTHING. All the data suggests outdoor malls are the future (hey PC’s, go to 24th Street and Camelback as well as Kierland Commons. That is the future!).

    • Could not agree more with the comments made by “Howard’s friend on the budget committee”. Sadly Goodyear is going backwards as unfortunately the city council is beholden to the plaid wearing shorts, with knee high socks crowd worn by the transplanted mid westerners holding court behind the gates of Pebbles. Most of the council members live in Pebbles and win elections by relying on their votes so it makes sense that if the Pebbles crowd wants a cheesy indoor mall that’s what Goodyear will get. Maybe next to the food court they can build the Pebbles crowd an indoor pickle ball court. Now that would be just dandy.

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