The Mall, Pizzillo, Part Two Pizzillo Reply AND a Poll

It’s looking bad for our pal Goodyear Vice Mayor Joe Pizzillo regarding his statements about the mall in Viva magazine (see howardsgoodyearblog about 3 articles ago).

I’ve been chasing Joe several days now trying to get an answer to three simple questions:

  1. Who at the “developer” assured Joe that the mall would be open by 2016?
  2. What meeting was it where the developer told Joe and others that?
  3. When did that meeting take place?

Joe finally sent me a short email that raises more questions than it answers. Joe’s email is reproduced below. But you can see that Goodyear’s Vice Mayor, Joe Pizzillo is backtracking already. It appears that Joe is now saying Joe was NOT at the meeting but some vague STAFF was at the meeting. And he has NO documentation of the meeting. You’ll notice he also is unwilling to say what meeting it was or where or when it took place.

Uh, oh.

By the way, you can vote on whether or not you think Joe was lying about the mall or not.  The first poll was highly in Joe’s favor.  Guess he’s got his supporters out in number which means he certainly knows I’m looking for some answers from him. The NEW poll is at the bottom of this article.

I’m not finished with this yet.
Stay tuned….

email reply from Pizzillo

Joe Pizzillo

Feb 27 (4 days ago)

to me

Hello Howard:
It was not a city event or meeting, but a Valley Partnership event attended by staff and therefore I do not have documentation to respond to your records request.


5 Responses

  1. Howard:
    Reading your recent Blogs, I understand you don’t want the Mall built. Not building it would be taken as a sign of failure of the Goodyear Council and your pressing desire is to see the Council fail. You predicted Goodyear bankruptcy for years and has not happened; your dire observations on the Mall are similar baloney.
    Joe Pizzillo was updating the City’s understanding of the Mall development at the end of 2013. Information came from a meeting of Valley Partnerships, a private/public group promoting development in the Phoenix Area. Valley Partners holds monthly breakfast meetings and at the Friday, November 15, 2013 meeting: “GET IN THE FAST LANE: Development, Along 303 Corridor”, the Mall was discussed. Sheri-Wakefield-Saenz, Director of Development represented Goodyear. Jack Rasor, Partner, WDS Partners LLC; Greg Vogel, CEO & founder, Land Advisors Organization; and Kevin Czerwinski, Principal and President, Merit Partners were the other presenters at the meeting. West Valley View in the November 22, 2013 issue reported on the meeting; “Goodyear Mall on track to open October 2016”. In the article, Brian Dalke quotes a Texas research firm, Retail Coach press release, which shows Goodyear has the market area and spending patterns needed to support a mall. This study should end questions about the viability of the Mall. The City should soon receive construction plans, the next step in development.

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Watts. Your blog is always one-sided and anti current council. You railed them for the flight school leaving yet never mentioned the new school coming in. You talk about businesses leaving but fail to mention the expansion of the Cancer Treatment Center, Amazon, and Macy’s as well as new businesses like Cookson Garage Door. I am pretty sure people see that you have a clear agenda and it IS NOT the truth.

    • You miss the point, Jimmy T. I’m talking about city officials lying. Has nothing to do with the mall. The mall is just the subject matter of this particular lie.
      And by the way, GY had NOTHING to do with any of the expansions you mention.
      You’re approved for now, but send me an email to with your full name, address, and phone contact info if you want to continue to post here.

  3. Are you the new “official” spokesperson for the city of Goodyear and Vice Mayor Joe Pizzillo now, Bobbie?
    Lots of words, Bob, but you did not answer the questions.
    Who from the Developer told Joe it would be open by end of 2016? Go read the VWW article again. “Developer was not available for comment”.

  4. I sit in wonder at who might listen to the buffoonery of an octogenarian that espouses to know all but in reality cannot even comb his hair. The issue at hand is not that Howard wants the Mall to fail. No one wants the Mall to fail! Failure would be an expensive tragedy for the citizens of Goodyear. Moreover, the discussion should be why anyone would want the Mall to succeed. What benefit would the citizens of Goodyear harvest? And don’t blame Joe. He is just a puppet acting out what he is told so he can share in the corruption of the larger political machine.

    There’s the collection of the sales tax. What is it that Goodyear actually realizes? About 1.5% of nearly every dollar spent in the Mall will amount to a pretty substantial sum. I am sure there is a study that will predict that amount. But what benefit will the citizens of Goodyear realize from that revenue?

    Since the election of the Goodyear Council beginning with the resignation of Mayor Cavanaugh, we have seen nothing more than a narcissistic body of liberals that has accomplished nothing more than enrich the lives of the people supporting them. What was the first thing the newly elected council did?

    Does not anyone remember the raise for fire and police unions that supported them? Then a raise for city employees? Then another gift for police and fire unions; collective bargaining privileges? Then a building costing almost twice its worth? And of course there is Bloviating Bobbie’s ”zero sum game” that caused increased tax on property with depressed values? And how about the crushing and punishing increases in the enterprise water and sewer “fees” so the “leadership” of Goodyear could continue with their irresponsible managing. Does no one remember all this?

    Face facts. As the managers of the builders of the Mall have stated, the Mall will be built when and if the market dictates it will be profitable. That is good and sound business management and decision-making. Not the irresponsible behavior of a gaggle of council members that have trouble deciding anything that will benefit Goodyear as a city of people rather than unions.

    Success of the Mall, while overtly a sign of recovery will be another “zero sum game” for the citizens of Goodyear. The money will be squandered as is all money pouring into the coffers of Goodyear. There will be nothing more than more raises for public service unions, more buildings built, bought and memorialized in honor of themselves, and nothing to the benefit of the people of Goodyear.

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