Indians’ Attendance Down

Back in 2011 I did the math showing that Goodyear taxpayers were paying Indians and Reds fans about $100 EACH to watch baseball in GY. Here is the article.
Forward to 2014. The new attendance figures are out. Now GY is up to only 4500 fans per game from 4000.

But Goodyear keeps increasing their operating costs, hiring people, adding a new stadium manager, having giveaways, etc. doing what GY does best, spend money.
It’s not working. Indians per game attendance was DOWN over last year.
GEOrgia, Lyin’ Joe, The Dog Ate My Homework Wally, Deer in the Headlights Osborne, and Double Dip Stipp keep doing a great job for you Taxpayers.
Stipp, Osborne, and Lauritano are up for re-election in November. But so far no info on the GY website for candidates. Maybe that’s because GY is hoping the League of Cities and others (like GY) who oppose the new November local election law are hoping they win their lawsuit to stop the law and not have to hold it.
And just keep spending your money.
You elected them.


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