$36,000 Parade Motorcycles

I’m not kidding. From a recent article in the Arizona Republic.

More than I think I’ve ever paid for a car; and I think I’m pretty well off.

Can you imagine how some young couple living in Goodyear would feel reading this with a couple of kids, paying property taxes, one working in some service job, the other part time at Walmart, trying to make ends meet on maybe a combined $65,000 annual paycheck? And Goodyear is out buying $36,000 motorcycles. And one is a spare.

In this broke town of Goodyear, your city council approved the purchase of five new motorcycles, and one is a spare to be used part time for “training” and PARADES.

They are thumbing their nose at you, taxpayers, all the while raising your taxes in 5% plus increments for years to come.

Double Dip Stipp, Lawyer Lauritano, and Deer in the Headlights Osborne are up for re-election in November (if it happens).

Will anyone even run against them?

Or are you going to elect them all again?


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