Goodyear’s New $8.1 Million Video Board

Did you see where Glendale’s football stadium is getting new video boards? They will be bigger than the ones that are there now (which even I can see perfectly well from our seats near heaven) and will cost $11 million.

Guess who is paying $8 million of the $11 million?


Why Goodyear you might ask? Because:
1. the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority is paying that $8.1 mil.
2. The AZSTA owes Goodyear MUCH more than $8 mil to reimburse us for the ill fated Goodyear stadium.
3. AZSTA has NO INTENTION of ever making good on paying back Goodyear for the stadium like they promised.

So why don’t GEOrgia and her cronies the other seven dwarfs on GY city council sue the AZSTA to get our money instead of letting AZSTA spend it elsewhere?
Well, that is just not how crony pols like GEOrgia and the dwarfs do things. Crony pols watch each others’ backs and don’t rock the boat. Instead, they rather sock it to taxpayers and hire more economic development managers. That is how they get re-elected and continue to have the Bidwells donate to GEOrgia’s campaigns.
And also because most of you don’t bother to vote.
THAT is how it works around here.
Have a nice summer, Goodyear.

There is supposed to be an election for 3 GY council members in November if GY and the AZ League of Cities doesn’t prevent it. Anyone besides the incumbent hacks going to run? Anyone besides the hacks and their minions going to vote?


2 Responses

  1. Sad but true… most people don’t care until it effects them PERSONALLY. The ballpark was a scam from the beginning. It will NEVER MAKE MONEY, it will NEVER BRING IN ENOUGH MONEY to make up for those lost revenues, and Goodyear will NEVER SEE ANY MONEY from the AZSTA, especially if the people don’t rise up and do something about an atrosity such as these signs. The longer it goes ignored, the less people will remember and ask why UNTIL it affects THEIR LIFE PERSONALLY. Goodyear government… corruption at its best.

  2. I agree with you on everything. If I had the time I would run. I will support anyone that wants to run against these hacks. Enough is enough with what they are doing to Goodyear. These people should be arrested for the harm they are doing. It makes me sick.

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