Open Letter to “Lyin’ Joe” Pizzillo

74 “DEAD” malls.
Goodyear councilman “Lyin’ Joe” Pizzillo says Macerich told him they were going to build the mall by 2016. Have it operating too.
Well HGB demonstrated that was a big fat lie. (
Here are the facts. According to the WSJ, only 6 malls have been completed in the entire US since 2010. 74 malls, YEP, 74 are considered “dead” in the same period.
Here is the article: Struggling Malls Suffer as Penney, Sears Shrink

Say what, Lyin’ Joe? Oh yeah, I forgot, Goodyear’s million dollar per year spending on “economic development” will save us.
Did you just hear that toilet flushing sound?


2 Responses

  1. Surprise!

  2. So I guess it would make sense for Macerich to make sure they start our Mall when it makes economic sense. They must be serious since they are paying over 2 million a year to keep the option alive. I would rather have it built in 2020 and be right than for it to look like Desert Sky. Wouldn’t you?

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