Only 2%? I Don’t Think So

Editor’s note: Talk about incompetent.  An observant reader has pointed out that the date in the tax rate increase notice posted by the city of GY and included as a link in the following article is incorrect.  GY says the meeting is Monday, June 24.  June 24 is a Tuesday.  They just can’t do anything right, can they?

Does this mean that the tax rate increase notification as required by law is invalid?  And they can’t raise our taxes as a result? 

What a bunch of nincompoops spending YOUR tax dollars….  And oh yes, the mall is going to open any day now….

Editor’s note 2. This afternoon the link to GY’s rate increase no longer works. Obviously they are reading my blog and have realized their mistake.

Goodyear is about to raise your tax RATE by 2%. Here is the notice:
Rate increase notice

But wait a minute. Your home valuations are going up by 5% per year or more, but by law GY can only take 5% of that as increased property tax. So the 2% adder will be in addition to that. 7%. And that added RATE will continue to be applied year after year as your property values go up. Over the next at least 3 years, you will see that increase at the maximum 5% every year. So the 2% rate increase will be applied to all of those 15% increases.

Remember when they told you they were only raising rates because property values were dropping and they were just staying even?

Remember when they told you that they were not spending more of your money, just the same amounts because they were such conservative stewards of your taxes?

Remember when I told you they were full of it?


5 Responses

  1. any idea who is opposing the city council members in the election forthcoming?

  2. The notice says Monday June 24th. The 24th is Tuesday

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