City Council Meeting Tonight/ LINK TV12 Report

It could be an interesting GY council meeting tonight what with all the hubbub about the cops and their antics over the years as a result of the TV 12 report. (Here is a link to the TV12 report).

TV 12 reported on GY cops who have been fired for seemingly no reason and others who seem to have lifelong “get out of jail free” passes.

According to the TV12 report, one cop says he was fired because he got in an argument with his kid’s nursery school teacher who he says was the girlfriend of another cop. He says the real reason they fired him was because he wrote a memo about the cop who was implicated in the Pendleton case (Hardin).  Hardin continued to work for GYPD.

Another cop says he was fired after being accused by GY police second in command Jeff Rogers of falsely reporting a scratch on the tire rim of his vehicle.  I’m NOT making this up.  A scratch on his tire rim!!

Yet the same guy, Jeff Rogers, got drunk, called in a false burglary report, and then destroyed his own internal affairs report on his actions.  Rogers was not fired, he’s been promoted! And Rogers is now in line to be the next GYPD chief.

Then there is the sad case of Ms. Salia.  The lady who current chief Geyer brought with him from Yuma for an 86% salary increase.  She got drunk, then got beat up by her then (now former) boyfriend and somehow it got back to Geyer, who she says then fired her.

Is this how you want your taxes for public safety spent?  It sounds like a virtual Peyton Place at GYPD, with who you know more important than what you know, and it seems we have a lot of folks who like to get drunk and make trouble in charge.

You might want to attend the council meeting tonight. It could be entertaining.  This is what you get when you elect two former GY employees (Lyin Joe Pizzillo & Triple Dip Bill Stipp) three know nothing “community supporters” (GEOrgia, Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell, & deer in the headlights Joanne) a chamber of commerce advocate, and an apparently too busy with her own practice lawyer to GY city council.


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  1. I LOVE this blog Howard, but ONE thing has been consistent over the years. BRIAN DALKE. I uploaded an organizational chart for the city. He was over IT as its director for some time before 2008, after Jack resigned (fired) and before Jesse Cisneros, who was a trainer AND TOTALLY NOT QUALIFIED was promoted by DALKE, and then it fell back to DALKE when Jesse took tapes and never came back one day. Ah, but we hired him back, to get the tapes back and make it look like I was the nut case. Oh, by the way, to this day I have NEVER seen the missing tapes with my own eyes. Amazingly a woman (ex military and used to taking orders) comes in as director of IT and 7 people “resign” from IT in 6 months. There were NO resignations. These people were FIRED AND HAD TO SIGN RELEASES. PD… who was the “interim city manager” when Jered Pendleton was hit and killed by Hardin? DALKE. Who is now city manager? DALKE. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a snake in the grass… and he gives the orders my friends. And if you don’t follow the orders, you are resigned, fired, whatever you’d like to call it. Conform or be gone is his motto. HE has been the ONE, SINGLE, CONSTANT person involved in every debacle. The citizens NEED TO CALL FOR HIS RESIGNATION AND GET HIM OUT – !! … before it’s too late.

  2. Mary, I think you might be on to something. There is a principle called Occams razor. It states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. In other words,when you’re not sure about two,or more options to select from in coming to a conclusion, the simplest solution is most likely to be correct. Your theory on Brian makes sense and is an example of “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”. How is this for a conspiracy theory: John Fischbach was forced out by Dalke so he could assume the City Manager’s job. I mean, why would the Council vote to renew Fischbach’s contract only to fire him, OOPS, I mean accept his “resignation”, just three months later? The same type of thing happens in the P.D. I believe that Lt. Celaya was fired to make room for one of the “good old boys” (Justin Hughes) to promote to lieutenant. Too bad for the “boys” that Channel 12 news reporter Wendy Halloran started digging and forced them to go another direction and promote Greg Garner instead. Too much heat put on them by Wendy for them to promote Hughes. I worked there as a cop for eight years and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the place is a sewer. The report on Channel 12 was titled “We eat our own”. Maybe a more appropriate title would be “We chew up and spit out our own”.

    • DALKE was not only interim city manager when Jered was killed… he was also over PD as an deputy city manager….

      • The night that aired I had a dream an alligator ate my dog… we were in Arizona in the dream. Looked into the meaning of an alligator in a dream – low and behold, it means something is eating at you, bothering you. Call me the crazy lady from Goodyear but…

        • Well Mary, remember, in the past people were called “crazy” when they claimed the world was round not flat, and that we could land a man on the moon…just saying. Labeling someone as crazy is a cowardly tactic. It is so subjective, unquantifiable, and requires no proof. I mean, you can’t say someone is white when they really are black, short if they’re tall, etc. Goodyear said that about you because they can’t defend their indefensible actions. In an argument or debate when someone has no ground to stand on or is backed into a corner they will revert to an “any means necessary” approach in an attempt to discredit their critics. Calling you “crazy” is akin to a child saying to another child, “Oh yeah, well you’re stupid”, while sticking their tongue out. Goodyear management is corrupt and inept and has been for a long time (FACT). People like you, Howard Brodbeck, Terri Woodmansee, John Rowan, Nancy McFillin, myself, etc who challenge the status quo and “rock the boat” are always going to be attacked by the “tyrants” at Goodyear.They will attempt to discredit the FACTS we expose about their irresponsible, immoral, and often illegal ways by trying to discredit US. They keep hiding in the dark and we keep turning on the light and that is just way too irratating and inconvenient for them. All I really know is that I for one will NEVER stop trying to bring light into a dark world, or at least in our little corner of it. My greatest hope is that more and more people realize what is going on here in Goodyear and start getting involved by speaking at the Council meetings, writing to their state representatives, contacting Investigative Reporters, etc. Or how about evertone start by simply logging in to Howards Blog and stating their opinions. I am shocked that you and I are the only ones who have posted a comment here. We need more participation and involvement with our local government if we want to see positive changes and advance Goodyear in a positive direction.

          • This is how it has been for the past 5 years! Silence. Sheeple are content with corruption UNTIL IT EFFECTS THEM PERSONALLY. When the city goes bankrupt from the spending and the lawsuits maybe, just maybe they will take the blinders off. The TAXPAYERS, YES YOU WHO ARE READING THIS, are the ones who will have to pay. You may not be drug through the mud and called names, lose your job and your house, but you will pay in the pocket. Yes, it is a sad day in government when the sheeple follow and believe, never questioning why…

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