An Impassioned Plea to GY Voters

By Julio Iglesias, former GYPD Officer

Remember, in the past people were called “crazy” when they claimed the world was round not flat, and that we could land a man on the moon…just saying. Labeling someone as crazy is a cowardly tactic. It is so subjective, unquantifiable, and requires no proof.

I mean, you can’t say someone is white when they really are black, short if they’re tall, etc. Goodyear says people are “off” because they can’t defend their indefensible actions.

In an argument or debate when someone has no ground to stand on or is backed into a corner they will revert to an “any means necessary” approach in an attempt to discredit their critics. Calling you “crazy” is akin to a child saying to another child, “Oh yeah, well you’re stupid”, while sticking their tongue out.

Goodyear management is corrupt and inept and has been for a long time (FACT). People like you, Howard Brodbeck, Terri Woodmansee, John Rowan, Nancy McFillin, myself, etc who challenge the status quo and “rock the boat” are always going to be attacked by the “tyrants” at Goodyear. They will attempt to discredit the FACTS we expose about their irresponsible, immoral, and often illegal ways by trying to discredit us. They keep hiding in the dark and we keep turning on the light and that is just way too irratating and inconvenient for them.

All I really know is that I for one will NEVER stop trying to bring light into a dark world, or at least in our little corner of it. My greatest hope is that more and more people realize what is going on here in Goodyear and start getting involved by speaking at the Council meetings, writing to their state representatives, contacting Investigative Reporters, etc. Or how about everyone start by simply logging in to Howards Blog and stating their opinions. I am shocked that you and I are the only ones who have posted a comment here. We need more participation and involvement with our local government if we want to see positive changes and advance Goodyear in a positive direction.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks Howard… and for those of you reading, “you” is me….

  2. I agree with you 100%. The lies are out of hand. I can give you one personal example. I work in the Comercial construction industry my job is to know about all new large projects in Arizona and meet with the stakeholders. As I was explaining to someone that mall is not being built as of right now they argued that their neighbor works for city and said not was it being built but would be done by 2015. This is by the way impossible. But it shows how they will go to any lengths to cover their lies.

    • gunslinger, I want to just quickly say thank you for your enlightening and informative comments. You gave us pertinent and necessary information, but even if you just posted the first part of your comment, “I agree with you 100%”, that would have been sufficiently uplifting. More people like you need to express their views and information in prder for positive change to take effect. Again, thank you very much for your time and effort, keep it coming!

  3. Howard I sent in my email. I hope they READ it.

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