Raise Taxes = Hire More People

The city of GY has decided to increase the number of GY employees by over 3%. Do you know of any private businesses who are increasing staff by that much? No. Most private sector companies continue to reduce staff.

And just their salaries, ex benefits will run far in excess of half a million dollars per year. And that is only in their first year.
And they are mostly admin. Two actual police officers, everyone else is “support”. See article below from AZCentral.

Did you also know that GY is raising your property taxes this year?

And what about paying down some of GY’s $300 million of debt?

Hey, you voted for them.

Here is the article:
Arizona Republic 07/02/2014, Page ZE06


Goodyear OKs hiring 16 employees

The Republic

i azcentral.com

Department: Various city departments.

What the city did: The City Council approved hiring 16 employees in the fiscal 2014-15 budget.

What it cost: The combined base annual salaries of these employees will be $661,841.

Why the city did it: The positions will be filled because the workers are “critically needed,” said Michael Sakal, a city spokesman. It is the first time since 2009 that the city will have 527 employees.

“The city is doing better — home values are up, construction is up … and our sales-tax revenues have exceeded projections — but the city of Goodyear remains cautiously optimistic. These are signs that the economy is slowly rebounding and Goodyear has been in good shape,” Sakal said.

These positions include: City Manager’s Office: digital communications administrator; development services: building safety inspector; Engineering Department: GIS analyst, traffic operations worker and traffic signal technician; Fire Department: fire inspector; Information Technology Department: two business analysts and an infrastructure administrator; Police Department: forensic specialist and two police officers; Public Works Department: fleet mechanic and sanitation worker; Parks and Recreation Department: management assistant and right of way worker.


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  1. Hey, IT is hiring… think they’ll hire me back?

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