Nope, No Pigeon Problem Here!

I photographed a Pebble Creek home about 6 am today. I counted twenty plus pigeons on the roof of this one home.
But don’t worry, according to the PC HOA, we do not have a pigeon problem that warrants any action by the PC HOA. (See links below to related HGB articles on this subject)

Comment from a reader:
“Pigeon problem in PC land is rampant at best and it is getting worse. One of the primary reasons we left is the filth those nasty birds leave.
We did tell Robson – they simply don’t get it. Feel free to share in your blog.”

Pebble Creek Pigeon Solution Proposal | howardsgoodyearblog



7 Responses

  1. According to AZ State law it is legal to kill pigeons. However; in Maricopa Cty it is illegal to fire a firearm.

  2. We had Rapid Roofing Pigeon Proof our home and we no longer have a problem. I am not so sure it is a HOA Problem but a individual homeowner problem The CC&R’s we all agreed to states that we are responsible for our own property. The Pigeons breed at the old Race Track perhaps a class action lawsuit against the owner of the Race Track might be successful but not sure if it would have merit.

  3. Howard that response is plain silly. GYPD enforces Arrizona Revised Statutes. We as home owners need to accept responsibility for our own homes. I doubt GYPD will come paint your home.

    • Of course it’s silly. Exactly my point. I pigeon proofed my house myself, so I don’t need it either, but I’m not taking your position of, “I got mine, let everyone else get their own.” BTW, the house in question was pigeon proofed. It prevents nesting but not roosting. And they are still pooping all over your roof. Only a matter of time (and rain) until it seeps into your ceiling when the flashing gets clogged up. Checked yours lately?

  4. Mine. Is fine. No pigeons in three years. 5 people on our street did what I did with the same results. Those that have not have pigeons. That’s all I know.

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