Paying for Detroit, UN Steps In

From the Wall Street Journal: “Exchanging money for goods and services also seems to be a novel proposition in Motown. Protests erupted after Detroit started to cut off water services to the freeloaders who ignore their bills.
More than one of every two residents had simply stopped paying, largely because the water department for years was run like a philanthropy and did not follow the same billing practices as the cable television, cell phone, electric, mortgage and credit card industries. Water rates rose 11% this year and will rise 8.7% next year as the responsible minority of customers must cover the unpaid debts of the delinquent majority.
So the bankrupt city was forced to try tougher discipline. In May a wave of 46,000 shut-off notices went out and all but 4,531 customers paid in full. After a day of no water 60% of those had settled up and most of the balance were abandoned buildings. The department maintains a financial relief program for those legitimately unable to pay.
A United Nations Special Rapporteur nonetheless declared that “human rights simply forbids disconnections” and suggested the notices violate international treaties. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund is suing on the theory that the shut-offs discriminate by race, with attorney Alice Jennings calling the utilities “basically Caucasian companies.”
Whatever ideas once animated liberal thought, forcing some people to buy something for somebody else increasingly seems to be the only show in town.”



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  1. So how is that toxic plume in Goodyear? The “one” (actually two, maybe you’d say three..) that has threatened the water supply for decades, north AND south of I10. The “one” the US Navy started in the 40’s and all you hear about is a private company that added to it later. The Goodyear super fund site? The “one” that SHOULD be disclosed when you buy a home but isn’t… lead paint (discontinued use in the mid 70’s) is much more important in a growing state/community ya know. IF you knew about this plume and it’s affects on the closing of wells in the city and your water, would you have bought your home?

    The big question… do you believe them??

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