JP Race Gets Nasty

Someone is tearing up Uretsky for JP signs.
Someone else claims Uretsky was a democrat who changed to republican in order to run for JP, even though Uretsky’s campaign says not true, he has always been a republican, it was a clerical error and he could have run unopposed if he ran democrat anyway.

C’mon, people, how much does this job even pay? Well, turns out it pays $97,000 a year. So you have a lawyer an entrepreneur and a guy who has some kind of trucking business running.

$97k might look pretty good to lawyers who aren’t doing so well, entrepreneurs who are looking for a steady job, and I don’t think margins are too good in the trucking business.

So here is why I voted for Uretsky.
1. He is not a lawyer like Osterfeld.
2. His dad was never White Tanks JP like Osterfeld. We don’t need any more “political families”. These have shown to be families who are simply unable to hold real jobs anyway. (Ted Kennedy comes to mind).
3. Pearson’s Face Book and website have grammatically incorrect language that even an engineer like me can recognize.

There you have it folks, I’m a simple guy.
Now whoever is pulling the political dirty tricks, cut it out. It makes you look very small.


7 Responses

  1. OMG we agree on something!!!

  2. Dirty politics!!!!
    Before you endorse a candidate you should wait before voting to see who is slinging the mud or is their information founded? I prefer to vote for the candidate who is ethical and most qualified! To be a judge you should not be a bully! Just ask area business owners about Uretsky as well as some of his neighbors in Estrella!
    Also the salary is $101,500. Not $97,000! Uretsky is only nice to those who benefit him! Please note that his recent joining and attending organizations, charities, etc. have been to benefit his campaign!

  3. This reply is for those who read this blog and perhaps don’t research what is being put on here by the “man of God”. If you do look up this case ,you will discover that it is an appeal on a speeding ticket. Chaplain Lamphere is trying to slander a very honest,hard working man who loves the community he has lived in for over 30 years and loves it so much and wants to make a difference in it to the point that Yes, he is willing to take a cut in pay. For some people its not about the money , its about doing something they love and wanting to make a difference. Chaplain Lamphere is maliciously defaming Candidate Osterfeld by posting a fabrication concerning back taxes ( Candidate Osterfeld has always paid his taxes)and then posting a case number having to do with a civil speeding ticket appeal , which by the way Candidate Osterfeld prevailed in. I , myself, am shocked at what is being put forth by the supporters of Candidate Uretsky and the candidate himself. True mud !

  4. It’s a fact: Al Uretsky registered as a Democrat in Maricopa County in January 2005. It’s also a fact that on March 11, 2014 Uretsky re-registered as Republican. Finally, it’s a fact, Uretsky signed his political organization statement on March 12, 2014. During those nine years, how many elections(opportunities) had passed before he discovered this “clerical error”?

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