How Goodyear Misspends Your Water Utility $

Still don’t believe me when I tell you that GEOrgia and the dwarfs are raising your services and tax bills in order to pay for their continued over spending? That they are NOT good stewards of your money?

Maybe you’ll believe a private water company who compared west valley waste water rates. See the link below. A picture (in this case a graph) is worth a thousand words as they say.
You’re being screwed. Goodyear’s waste water rates are more than double surrounding cities’. Check out the LAST PAGE OF THIS LINK. Page 35 for the comparison graph:

I already showed this to you in Goodyear’s own financial brochure/propaganda that they mailed out at your expense a few weeks ago. (Previous Story).
What do you expect from two former city employees (Stipp, Pizzillo) three deer in the headlights (GEOrgia, Osborne, Wally), the chamber of commerce lady and a lawyer?

Wait until you see your property tax bills a few years from now.


4 Responses

  1. Or they can cash in on those Gila River water rights they paid a 1/2 million for and suck the river dry. Ooops, the river is dry, that’s right.

  2. Howard – How much control does the city council really have in water rates? Is there a water commission that analyzes the rates and accepts it and the council has to go along with it? I seriously do not know. I agree that it is unconscionable for our rates to be 2-8 TIMES higher than other local cities and I totally agree our city’s spending is out of control and we need new council members who reign in wasteful spending (a la an extra motorcycle and the expensive brochure among many others).

  3. Howard the city has now changed things around in the Development Services Department. Sheri Wakefield Saenz and Hector Nogales Tapia are out! Derrick Horn from City of Phoenix is now interim director!
    Romina is acting economic director and Kim Bradford is acting economic manger. The city continues to spend money like its water. What a joke. You need to check this out.

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