Gotcha! – Taxes Up, Elections Delayed

Hmmm…. Interesting combination. Coincidence? I think not.

Goodyear council members don’t have to worry about you not liking your new MUCH HIGHER property tax bills. That’s because they waited until the dead of summer, (Aug 27) when nobody’s around, to unanimously vote to ignore voter’s overwhelming desire to line up local elections with national elections and improve turnout.
Instead, GEOrgia et al will keep GY council elections in the spring of odd numbered years AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from state and local elections.
So instead of council elections THIS November, 2014, as the Arizona legislature intended, GEOrgia and the dwarfs have put them off until spring 2015.
They assume you’ll forget (especially Creekers (-: ) their taxing and spending and that most of you won’t vote anyway.
In that way they continue to win elections in a town of 65,000 residents by getting about 5,000 of their loyal supporters to vote for them (developers, city employees, city suppliers, chamber of commerce, contributors).
Are you still surprised?
If so, you haven’t been reading my blog, have you?
AZ Republic Article
Check AZ Business Gazette 9/18/2014 by David Madrid


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