Fake Email Addresses

Dear GEOrgia et al supporters;

If you want your comments posted on howardsgoodyearblog, then stop sending them using fake email addresses like this one:


That’s because, the first time you post a comment on howardsgoodyearblog, unless I already know who you are, I send a reply email to the the email address you provided in the comment asking for your full name, address, and phone number so that I can verify who you are before I allow you to post on MY blog.

When those emails come back undeliverable (as “mikewilliams'” did) I don’t post your comment. Simple as that.  I do that even if you state in your email (as “mikewilliams” did) “I bet you won’t publish this because you never publish opinions contrary to your own”.  What a joke.  This blog is FULL of opinions contrary to my own.

But if you try to submit them with fake ids they won’t be posted.  You can still stay anonymous, I just have to know who you are and that your information is that of a real person.

Have a nice day, mikewilliams, and try to find other more satisfying avenues to vent your frustrations, ok?  You’re wasting my time.



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