Three Spots, About Five Thousand Votes

**Editor’s note.  This article originally stated four positions available.  That is because four ran four years ago but the mayoral position was a “make up”.  Correction, in 2015 there will be only THREE positions since the mayor’s position was filled in the 2013 election.

In March 2015, there will be elections for THREE Goodyear city council positions.

THREE.  That’s an important number.  Because THREE council members do not form a majority on the seven person (thus the reference to the Seven Dwarfs) Goodyear city council.

Here are the results of the last election for the three incumbents who’s seats will be up for grabs:

2011 GY Council Election Results

Those three, and the number of votes each of them got are:

Lauritano      4,715 votes

Osborne         5,301 votes

Stipp               4,079 votes

In a city of nearly 70,000 residents and over 30,000 registered voters, about 5,000 votes gets you elected to Goodyear city council.

C’mon, Goodyear.

Three good, conservative candidates, who are not on the leash of the public employees unions, developers, and chamber of commerce need to find about 5,000 good citizens to vote for them and they can put a good dent in the reign of GEOrgia and the dwarfs, year after year of overspending, property tax and utility bill increases, and catering to special interests instead of voters interests would be over.

Here is a link to Goodyear’s website where they claim candidate packages are available in order to start running. Since Goodyear spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year just on their IT group, I assume this link will work….

City of Goodyear 2015 Candidate Packages

Editor’s note #2.  As one reader has noted, this link gets you to the Goodyear website with a link to the Candidate Packages but alas, the city’s website link comes up blank.

Keep trying….


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  1. Howard, did you get your ballot? On the green card ‘NOTICE/AVISO’ it reads that the enclosed ballot is for the Town of Cave Creek in the english section, but for ‘Cuidad de Goodyear’ in the spanish section! At least mine does.

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