Redskins Debate

In the heart of the current Navaho Nation is the small town of Red Mesa, AZ.
Here is a link to their local high school the Red Mesa Redskins.
Red Mesa Redskins Link

End of story, QED, argument over.


2 Responses

  1. Howard, after looking at the website, I could only find the word Redskins twice, Redskins sports and the word Redskins on the track. All sports schedules use Red Mesa. I hope Washington keeps the name but I think the high school mascot won’t have anything to do with that. People of color can call EACH other what ever they feel like, just like the N word. I like your blog for the local flavor, I can get this other stuff that piss me off anywhere, haha.

    • I realize you may find it hard to believe due to the drive by media coverage of this but I didn’t make this up. They’re the Redskins. Has been in other news outlets more than once. They interviewed the school principal and others. These Navajos, including their tribe president who was in the suite with the Redskins owner in Phoenix Sunday wearing a Redskins hat don’t find the R word one bit racist or controversial.
      Imagine that.

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