Close MAG

And close every other taxpayer funded “I know what’s best for you” organization that “Idiots with Initiative” like GEOrgia Lord and Joanne Osborne are part of (*list below, you won’t believe this).
Their latest brainchild? MAG’s new site written up in AZ Republic today.

eHarmony for business? More like government steam rolling.
There already ARE business referral networks all around the valley, state, US, you name it. And they are operated by small business people scratching out a living using “the internet”.
Surely MAG has heard of the internet where all the info on their new website comes from? MAG is simply acting as a cataloger, and using taxpayer money to do it.
Once more, enter “government” this time in the form of MAG, just one more taxpayer funded “I know what is best for you, I’m here to help” organization made up of local political hacks extending their influence so they have stuff to talk about in their re-election campaigns.
How can private groups like The 101 Referral Network, for example, compete with MAG’s unlimited taxpayer funded site? They can’t. MAG has their own full time IT manager. 101 Referral has Facebook. And obviously, MAG has full time “Public Information Officers” who get local newspapers to publish free advertising articles for them like the one AZ Republic published for them today.
When do we say enough to bigger and bigger government stepping on small enterprise and “picking winners” through economic “mis-development” led by know nothing politicians who have never had to make a profit on their own?

*Here are all the spend your money organizations that GEOrgia, the mayor who does not know her city’s unemployment rate is in:  MAG, WestCAPS, Luke Forward, WESTMARC, WVHospital (that one’s a conflict of interest for sure), AZ Mayors Roundtable, West-MEC Bond Committee, Luke WV Council, W.Valley Partners, GPEC, Friends of GY Library.

And “deer in the headlights” Joanne?  MAG, WV Hospital (another conflict of interest), National League of Cities, Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee (no conflicts there, right?) just to name  a few.


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