GEOrgia’s 2% Solution

According to the Litchfield Elementary School District’s (LESD) own figures, LESD is growing at the staggering rate of….

LESS THAN 2% per year over the past six years.

Here is a spreadsheet with all the data straight from LESD’s own business manager, Wendy Qualls. (LESD Change in ADM and Enrollment)

Goodyear mayor GEOrgia appears to be misinformed…. again.

Your mayor, GEOrgia Lord, the one who does not even know her own city’s unemployment rate, put her name, photograph, and personal statements supporting an LESD bond issue on both an editorial in the local newspaper (LINK to West Valley View article) as well as a cloak and dagger “fake” newspaper delivered to our doors called LESD Tribune (Volume 1, Issue 1) which CLAIM that LESD enrollment is exploding (up to 11,000 students now, they say) when in fact, in addition to the information in the spreadsheet above from Ms. Qualls, the most recent audited financial statements from the LESD show that enrollment growth is anemic at best, growing a bit more than 100 students in the past TWO most recent audited years to 9,841.  (link to LESD data)

How much support do you think LESD would get for their bond if they advertised their six year  2% growth rate?

And what is worse is that since GEOrgia has been in office, spending in the mayor and council office since 2011 is up by nearly 100%.  In only four years. Following a recession.

You’d think all that spending would at least get GEOrgia better advisors.

They just want your money, folks.  And thank you very much.


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