“The new Goodyear General Plan will not raise your taxes.”
This was repeated over and over at a recent GP “informational” meeting I attended. So you know it MUST be true.

Once the customary PowerPoint advertising presentation was completed the 10 or more city employees and politicians who attended wanted to break into small groups. “No questions now except in small groups.”

When one person objected, saying they wanted to hear all the questions the city people relented with, “Ok, but ONLY questions on THIS presentation we just had, NO OTHER QUESTIONS ALLOWED.” Any other questions not DIRECTLY RELATED to THIS PRESENTATION are not permitted.

It’s a “visionary” plan they say.
It’s what our citizens want, they said, even though when asking citizens what they want, no questions were asked about how much they were willing to pay for what they want.

“It’s like the 2003 GP, only more.”

You mean the 2003 GP that allowed the mall, the stadium, and the $8million dollar building we paid $12millon for?

And today, the weekend before the election, we have “product placement” articles in the AZ Republic by the city and it’s charges telling us how great this plan is.

The slick marketing that is what GY is best at is in evidence here and in the plan, which, as written, is simply a tool for spendthrift politicians to use to justify spending more of your money.


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