Hey, Clint!!

Ok, everyone, now that the latest FIRE is almost out, get your typewriters (computer keyboards) out to get some action so we don’t keep having this happen.

Send an email to Clint Hickman, our District 5 Maricopa County Supervisor. Here is his email address: chickman@mail.maricopa.gov
Copy Bob Huhn with Maricopa EPA who suggested some “fixes” when I spoke to him today about it. His email is: bobhuhn@mail.maricopa.gov

Here is the email I suggest you send:
“I live in Goodyear and I am fed up with the repeated mulch and other fires YOU keep allowing to happen because you are not properly regulating privately operated “landfills” like the one which has been burning for the past week.
As a minimum, I want ordinances passed immediately which include the following provisions:
1. All businesses in unincorporated areas or not covered by a city fire department MUST have a contract with Rural Metro.
2. Barricades must separate any piled debris. Your EPA and solid waste people can identify area and dimensions.
3. A maximum height for flammable debris MUST BE IMPOSED. This should be no more than 6 feet in my opinion.
4. Meaningful penalties (fines) large enough to cover the cost to have the county fix any offenders’ sites should be defined and imposed.
5. PS. Anything you can do about the repeated horrendous stench we get here in PebbleCreek apparently from farmers applying untreated raw sewage on their fields near residential neighborhoods would also be appreciated.

Now get on it, Clint.”

Copy GEOrgia too, so she can’t say she knew nothing about our concerns (like the prison).


One Response

  1. These are all great suggestions and should definitely be requested of those in charge. Why weren’t our Goodyear leaders pushing the County to do more? We should all be pushing the County to deal with such situations better in the future – through regulation. However, don’t these ideas go against the Republican philosophy of so many Arizonans? You know….. free enterprise, no rules, no EPA, privatize the fire department and, if you can’t afford to pay the private fire company, then put your fire out yourself. I feel like I’ve been living in a third world country the past week. And the total lack of any real emergency response reminds me of a saying I recently ran across: “the government you get is kind of like driving a car—pick “R” to go backward; pick “D” to go forward”. Also, I don’t know about your sewage stench in Pebble Creek, but in Palm Valley I can’t breathe many fall/winter evenings and mornings from those who have the God given right to burn “wood” fires. That smoke gets trapped in the daily inversions and my whole house can be filled with it if I open a door. Does anyone else have to put up with these “wood” fires and the smoke in their house? Why is it that their right to burn trumps my right to breathe?

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