Fireman’s Ball

Two of the three incumbent Goodyear, AZ city council members running for re-election, $heri Lauritano and Bill $tipp, are still taking money from Firemen’s Union PACs all over the state. SEVEN DIFFERENT FIREMAN’s UNION PACS. $heri has collected over $4000 from them, $tipp $1500.  ($heri and $tipp Campaign Finance Statements).

Now, if the Goodyear city council job was a do nothing volunteer job, or a do nothing low paying job then I’d say no big deal.  Because who is going to hand over their city council vote for a few thousand dollars a year to a bunch of fireman’s union PACS?

But as I have recently reported (Dream Jobs)  the Goodyear city council job is a do nothing HIGH PAID (over $30,000 per year) job.  $30,000 per year, much of it in the form of nearly free healthcare for your family is a big deal. For a perhaps struggling small business person like $heri ($heri has her own law firm and you know there are way too many lawyers out there) or a guy on permanent ~ $50,000 per year taxpayer provided disability like $tipp (who could lose his disability if his condition changed or his case was reviewed by the local retirement board and they changed their minds)  $30,000 per year might go a long way towards changing their thinking about firemen’s issues.

City of Goodyear Policy #700 clearly states that,
“no employee of the city shall be involved in the campaign of any person for election to the office of Mayor or Council member of the City.”

So they can’t take money from the Goodyear Firemen’s Union PAC or any direct donations from Goodyear firemen, but they appear to be circumventing this policy by taking money from Firemen’s Union PACs from all over the state.  Why else are Tempe, Maricopa, Chandler, Phoenix, Avondale, Glendale, and Buckeye Firemen’s Union PACs so interested in getting $heri and/or $tipp re-elected to Goodyear city council?

Here is an article I wrote about this topic a few years ago when these two did the same thing. It includes a copy of the actual policy verbatim. Detailed Article.

So, Goodyear, you have a choice of FIVE candidates running for THREE positions. If you are having trouble deciding which three to vote for, taking money from Firemen’s PACs for a do nothing HIGH PAID city council job is enough to determine my vote.

Robert Garcia appears to be the REAL DEAL.  He is a fiscal conservative, and from his work experience, he appears to be someone who will ask the right questions.

Ray Hadden is NOT an incumbent.  That’s about all I’ve heard about Ray Hadden.  But he did have a successful business career in a PRIVATE, not GOVERNMENT business.

Joanne Osborne appears to have stopped taking money from Firemen’s union PACs as she has reported none.  Either that or she’s not disclosing it yet.  But either way, under the right influence, Joanne’s harmless.   She does not appear to know what she is doing or even much about what is presented to her at meetings in my opinion.  Maybe Garcia could have better luck influencing Joanne’s position on issues than any of the other dwarfs on city council.  And if Hadden would go along with him, hey, 3 out of 7 is better than where we are today.

I think I’ll vote for those three.  Not $heri or $tipp.




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