GY Candidates; Just Read the Paper

Today’s AZ Republic interviews all 5 GY council candidates in just two columns. As a result, each candidate only got to state what was MOST important to them. About two paragraphs each.

This is all you have to read in order to know who to vote for.

What did each of them use their two paragraphs to say?

Lauritano: More infrastructure. ie, spend money.

Garcia: Grow businesses with incentives that do NOT add to taxes.

Osborne: Offer incentives to new AND current businesses. More money, plus, Lauritano’s husband owns a current business in GY so she wants more $ for that.

Hadden: Lower taxes. YES!!

Stipp: Provide services and amenities. ie. spend money

Garcia and Hadden are the only two who DO NOT start off with spending as their priority.
You can see the three incumbents just can’t help themselves spending. And in the case of Stipp and Lauritano, they are also beholden to city employees through their acceptance of huge campaign contributions from firemen’s union PACs.

I voted for Garcia, Hadden, Osborne. Osborne is the least objectionable of the incumbents.


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