Theme From Rush Limbaugh

Another Allme Productions hit! 


A great Akron, Ohio ballad!!

Rush uses the bass line start of this early 80s song by Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders as his radio theme song.

Chrissie graduated from Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio in my brother’s class of ’69. (I’m FHS ’71) I think she sang in the choir with him but I never knew her, in fact neither of us know anyone who knew her, I think she must have been a relatively quiet,  average kid.


This song is about Akron and you probably have to be from Akron in that era to know what she is talking about and appreciate it but I am intimately familiar with everything she says so I like the song even though it’s a bit boring. 

What really happened is that the rubber companies started closing down in the late 60s and by the 80s the town was a ghost town.

Of course, it does not appear Chrissie really understood all that (she had been away in London trying to become a rock star) so in her song the attempts at “redevelopment” come out as “all their fault.”

Artistic license I guess. LOL

And no, I’ve never met her.


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