Mail Fraud?

img_6374Did you get this laughable advertisement in the mail this week?

I was going to write this week about how Goodyear has been overcharging you by millions of dollars every year on your utilities (water, wastewater, sanitation) but then I found this nonsense in the mail and figured I might as well give you the real facts instead of GEOrgia’s made up ones.

This will be short. I’ll take each of her claims line by line.

Georgia says in her ad that she;

  1. Reduced the city’s food tax. She doesn’t tell you that she was part of the group who originally put it in and she also doesn’t tell you that its a big nothing, a few hundred thousand dollars a year.  I think on a $100 food bill it “saves” you about 25 cents.
  2. Saved taxpayers $27.4 by refinancing.
    Schedule 4 of the City of Goodyear Budget document is called “DEBT SERVICE.” As most of you probably know that means how much money the city pays out each year for all of its outstanding loans. Goodyear has a lot of loans. About $400 million dollars of loans.
    The FACTS ARE,
    Goodyear’s FY 17 Schedule 4 states the following;

    Actual FY15 debt service of $19 million dollars.
    Estimated FY16 debt service of$25 million dollars.
    Budgeted FY17 debt service of $27 million dollars.

    Does that sound like SAVINGS to you?
    Maybe GEOrgia feels that when she spends only $80 a month for make-up because there is a 20% sale at Kohls instead of the $100 a month she normally spends on makeup she is “saving” $20 instead of “spending” $80.
    I understand that Goodyear has been refinancing their loans to take advantage of once in a lifetime low interest rates but I also think they are EXTENDING them. I don’t know that for sure but I suspect its so.

  3. Eliminated structural deficit.  She did this by raising your taxes and utility bills, and overcharging you for utilities and putting the extra money into the General Fund.  (next week’s article).
  4. Streamlined city departments. I guess city management told GEOrgia that a reorganization saved money. They still hired more people and the city budget is over 30% higher now than it was when GEOrgia was elected.
  5. Fought against wasteful spending. Well all politicians say this don’t they?
  6. Lifelong Republican. Well, we all know by now that THAT does not mean fiscally responsible now does it?

6 Responses

  1. How many employees does the city now have v. the last 5-10 years? It seems like they are always hiring way more than the population is growing.
    How much did it cost for Georgia’s full page ad paid for by the city several months ago?
    Even though Georgia is part time, doesn’t she have a full time assistant? How much does that person make?

  2. Georgia voted to raise taxes 2.1/2% in 2008 hard times in Goodyear. When questioned regarding being a Republican she said, ” voters voted her in to vote the way she felt was best”, which meant she was voting in a tax increase in difficult times for the citizens oh well just a latte and movie once a week the crowd was told at council meetings. Since she is voted in she is the citizens employee and should vote the will of the people, not her way. The City Managers run the council in a crazy upside down management, frankly because most of council do not totally understand a budget. This I will say that Cavanaugh and Cavalier were the only true conservatives as Mayor and on council. Georgia is the only full time Mayor with a full time $80,000 assistant (I believe that is she salary) All other mayors were part-time with a shared assistants. Goodyear does have debt issues, even if you extend and refinance a loan ole’ man interest doesn’t go away he is just in play longer. But once again… PebbleCreek home owners need to attend city council meetings and vote these jokers out. They are like kids if you don’t hold them accountable and responsible for their voting record they enjoy spending our money.

    Oh by the way Georgia Lord was endorsed by John McCain, really what has he done for you lately or ever? She always says she, Wally and Bill Stipp are endorsed by the police & Fire. The Police & Fire can not endorse anyone because they are a public service, but the police & fire unions can endorse them. That is why police and fire unions from around the state give them campaign money. Why? Because the unions get something out of it! Then they are owed favors??? You can request them to give you a campaign donor contribution list

    PebbleCreek voters are the largest voting block in Goodyear, Estrella is gaining voters. Today PebbleCreek voters you responsible for the raising or lowering taxes and sound fiscal small government in Goodyear. If you don’t vote for change, you can’t bitch….about your taxes going up.


    Ron Quillen

  4. Yea her and McCain on tv, endorsing this fool , he is as bad as Fake Flake ,

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