Where Did $70 Million Go?

In October of 2015 your Goodyear City Council voted to double your water and wastewater rates over the next 5 years.


Because they said they needed to spend about $50 million in capital to upgrade the city’s water and wastewater system.

But an analysis of Goodyear’s water, wastewater and sanitation revenues and operating expenditures over the past five years from 2011 until 2015 shows that since 2011, Goodyear has collected about $70 million dollars more than these enterprise funds have spent on operating costs during the same period.

Goodyear has collected over $140 million dollars in fees for water, wastewater, and sanitation, from 2011 through 2015 while the cost to operate those same entities has only amounted to a little over $70 million dollars. And now they need to double your rates because the systems need $50 million in capital? Does that make sense to you?

They say they need to double your utility rates over the next five years but it appears that they have already been collecting nearly double the operating costs since 2011, a whopping $70 million dollars.

This is the same City of Goodyear city council who is in debt to the tune of $400 million dollars, can’t afford to pay principle on it’s $100 million dollar baseball stadium, but always seems to have plenty of money for pay hikes, trips to Washington DC for council members, and $12 million dollar buildings that only appraise at $8 million. It looks like they have been over collecting on utility bills in order to keep up their reckless spending instead of saving the money for capital projects.

In FY 2015, (most recent year actual values are available) the City of Goodyear charged taxpayers nearly $12 million dollars for water services. But according to Goodyear Budget documents, Goodyear only SPENT $6.8 million supplying water to Goodyear taxpayers.

That’s a $5 million dollar difference between what Goodyear collected and what they spent supplying water.

In the same year, Goodyear collected $13.1 million from taxpayers for wastewater. Budget documents show Goodyear spent only $4.7 million operating wastewater. An $8.4 million difference.

And finally, in FY15, Goodyear collected $6.9 million for sanitation, and spent $5.8 million. A $1.1 million difference. And they contract out sanitation.

So in FY 2015, Goodyear collected nearly $15 million dollars MORE for your UTILITIES than what they spent providing them.

A one time event?

They had other unexpected costs that year?

They had some new capital expenses they had to collect for?

It’s not a one time event. They’ve spent the money elsewhere.

Still don’t believe it?

Schedule 6 of the Goodyear Budget is called, “Interfund Transfers.” Here is a link to just the past two years of Schedule 6 “Interfund Transfers.” goodyear-intrafund-transfers

You will see in my notes on the pages, (funds taken OUT of Utilities and put Into General Fund) that every year millions of dollars have been moved from the utility “Enterprise Funds” into the General Fund.


Like I told you, so Goodyear City Council could spend your utility money elsewhere.


4 Responses

  1. Ah ha!! Bravo!! So, bonds issued for sewer and water are only to be used for the purposed issued… here is a nice little link for you Howard. Do some research and you will find that everyone SHOULD BE GETTING MONEY EVERY MONTH FROM THE CITY for sewer and water! Going back to my 2008/09 research, we finished the roads around the ballpark JUST IN TIME for spring training, mandatory that they had to be completed to open the park. You will find some very disturbing news… that isn’t new. Problem was, not many people listened to me.

    Interesting note as well… Larry and the group SPEND THE MONEY BEFORE SELLING BONDS TO FINANCE PROJECTS.


  2. PS… Glad you’re back in action! ONE DAY justice will prevail… watch out Dalke, you and Larry are the only two left – well, if we count Pizillo who knew what was going on and worked for Larry that would be 3 left. Callahan, you may want to back out of running again…

  3. And these incumbents proudly identify themselves as “fiscal conservatives.”

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