Best Mayor Money Can Buy

In this year’s Mayoral election, Incumbent Mayor Georgia Lord received $33,860.00 from campaign contributors. Of this amount, $27,380.00 was contributed by developers, attorneys and two PAC’s. The Robson Communities owners personally contributed $12,000. Goodyear Forward, a separate third PAC, funded an additional $7000 for an ad that was paid for and authorized by them in support of Mayor Lord.
To access all campaign finance reports to date for this election please go to the link below:


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  1. Hey,

    I am all for giving Georgia the boot and breaking the political strangle hold that Pebble Creek has on the entire city of Goodyear, but Mayor Cavanaugh also attempted to sell out Goodyear many years ago during the I-10 Freeway widening project.

    I have spoken to other West Valley mayors who went to meet with Sen. Kyle to get the funds allocated for the this project and they have all told me the Goodyear Mayor (at the time was Cavanaugh) never showed up, missed the entire meeting w/out notice, and actually supported the redirection of those funds to “Scottsdale roads & freeways”. Apparently, he had plans to move and get elected to office on that side of town. Luckily for Goodyear, Cavanaugh quit several days to weeks later.

    I’d like to know your thoughts on this since you seem to be a big supporter of his? You have written several post on my community’s forum (Nextdoor Estrella) in support of Cavanaugh & denouncing Lord.

    BTW, I am all for denouncing Lord as she is a worthless Mayor and consistently looses businesses to Avondale & Buckeye.

    • 1. I have never posted anything in Estrella. Either someone is impersonating me or they are posting links to my site.
      2. Cavanaugh still lives in Goodyear so I have trouble with the story.
      3. Anyone is better than the incumbents

    • Scott,
      With the exception that I was the mayor during the time referenced in your comment, there is not a single accurate statement in your first two paragraphs. Suggest that in the future before you criticize any person you attempt to verify the veracity of the allegation reported to you. In this instance you could refer to the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) which has on file formal minutes from several meetings on the subject matter——-or just give me a call.
      Jim Cavanaugh

      • Hello Jim,

        I am very glad that you replied to my post as my allegation was stated as fact by others close to me. In fact, it was stated when I mentioned that I was voting for Jim Cavanaugh (you) for all the same reasons mentioned in Howard’s post above. I am sorry, but I will not elaborate further on the source(s) but the main thing is that you have rebutted the aforementioned, my allegation, and have given the MAG meeting minutes as a reference to dispute their claim. Please, feel free to paste a MAG meeting minute web link for reference, if handily available, otherwise I will try to source myself.

        As I stated earlier, I am all for change in Goodyear’s political status quo and we deserve a Mayor who’s highest priority is to serve the interests of ALL of Goodyear! Most certainly, not a mayor who’s first priority is to serve their own personal interests. Unfortunately, perception is as important as reality in the political realm and this is why I was very glad to see your rebuttal.

        To be certain, if the MAG meeting minutes prove the allegation absolutely false I will happily retract and most certainly apologize to you directly!

        Thanks again for your reply!

        Best regards,

  2. Hello Scott,
    Thanks for the response. Regarding the anonymity of your sources, be assured I know who they are or at least who started the erroneous chain which ultimately led to you. The entire I-10 widening project took years to get underway starting with its priority placement within the 2nd quarter of the 20 year Regional Transportation Plan. The Goodyear initiative to accelerate the widening to the 1st quarter started soon after the overall plan’s approval in 2005. It was approved in final form while I was MAG Chairman sometime later but years before I resigned as Mayor in 2010.
    The I-10 widening and the higher education initiative were the two primary reasons we were awarded All America City in 2008. Several ladies from your community were instrumental in that achievement and no one was more important than the mayor’s chief of staff, Laurie Morone Kuhl, also from your community of Estrella. You won’t find a more honest analysis of your concern than Laurie if you’d prefer not reviewing stacks and stacks of meeting minutes.
    In brief, the entire subject of I-10 widening was challenging for us and controversial throughout the entire region. It was a landmark achievement that was never easy but certainly made significantly more difficult and risky (almost fell through at the end) due to the same persons who provided you either directly or indirectly with false information.
    Again, I am available to discuss as you may wish.

  3. Hello Jim,

    Once again, thank you for your replies!

    When I have some free time from work I will research further; however, due to your straightforward & very candid words I am swayed, without looking into the MAG meeting minutes or speaking directly with you and/or Laurie, to believe that you are being completely forthright & honest. To be certain, I would now be very surprised to find information completely counter to what you’ve stated in this blog.

    With that being said, I would like to apologize to YOU for the allegations I put forth and that you are absolutely correct: I should have attempted to “verify the veracity” prior to blogging inaccurate information regarding your mayoral actions during the I-10 widening process. As always, “Trust-but-verify” would have been the correct course of action for me to take.

    In my defense, all I can say is that the allegations came from people that I trust very much and it is possible that they were honestly mistaken themselves, that I incorrectly interpreted what they stated, or that it was politically motivated to sway my opinion to not vote for you in the upcoming election? I am sure that you have your theory as to which one is correct. 😉

    Sincerely, I hope that you will accept this retraction & apology for making inaccurate claims about you & your lack of involvement during the I-10 widening project several years ago!

    Best regards,

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