I am a Goodyear, Arizona resident and concerned citizen trying to fix an;

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

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  1. Finally the age of the citizen audit! Love it. We’ve had well-documented cases of our own in WNY; particularly as they apply to whacky and irresponsible pension constructs. In Hamburg, a town with AFI of around $50,000, the town super retired with annual pension of over $240.000. Some city firefighters are retiring with pensions well over $150,000.

    I believe we need to start applying bankruptcy rules to governing bodies. We need good business minds to run for office.
    I am not sure the the “response” ishould be a component of pay, however. There imust be a better way……..

  2. I fully support the great work of the firefighters and police. I think they should be well paid as they put their lives on the line for us. That being said I do not think we should give them a blank check. Taxpayers just cannot support runaway salaries and pensions of any government workers. We should not be afraid to stand up for controlling government spending even if that includes police and firefighters. It is not a voice against public safety, it is a voice for reasonableness. I am really disappointed that they would call for a boycott of businesses that simply disagreed with them. This is America, we should be allowed to voice our opiinion without fear of retaliation!!

  3. Howard,

    Keep up the work on this.

  4. Howard,

    You really got the city spining on the stuff you’re presenting. I got to tell you though that some of your data is off a little. The bottom line is that the PD (not sure about Fire) is running pretty lean. You and Joan are really missing one flagrant item. I’ll sum it up in two words……..John Rowin. Yes, our little Johnny does some media stuff, but this guy is a FLAKE and does NOTHING for the police. He went to a Command School sometime late 2009. Do yourself a favor and request his grade report. I bet he failed many of the classes which happens when you only attend 40% of the course. I do not know why the Chief keeps him around except for the fact he hired him and refuses to see what a WASTE he is. Oh yeah, did I tell you Johns girlfriend and formal Goodyear employee is sueing the PD and the City for her termination? How much is the City spending on that little lawsuit? What does Johnny do for his nearly 90K salary…….NOT MUCH. Hie is a joke to the entire department. Look into that.

    • Thanks for your comments, Dennis. It is difficult to get at some details since I am working only with what the city publishes and nationally published data. I’m doing my best, though.
      However, based upon new facts regarding the fire department that City Manager John Fishbach has provided me in response to some of my blogs, check out the new post that I will direct at Goodyear’s FIREFIGHTERS that perhaps it is in their best interest to challenge the spending going on in their department rather than targeting private citizens like Dr. Hong and Ground Control.

    • If you’re calling for a review of salaries, then do it for all police employees. Citizens will then see the desparity in pay with Goodyear’s ranks (supervisors earning less that subordinates, civilians earning more than sworn personnel – including supervisors), but among other valley agencies (some supervisors are earning $10k to 20k LESS than their counterparts in neighboring cities). Take an honest, in depth look at these numbers and then decide if your public safety professionals are truly overpaid.

      If citizens feel a need to look into the city budget, GREAT! But do it for the right reason, not simply because Mayor Cavanaugh and Mr. Cavaliere are hoping to fund a City Center. Cut your strings with these politicians and hold them accountable as well! Hold them accountable for the $8millon dollars there ballpark is costing the city. There’s no profit from that stadium, it’s bleeding the city and the Mayor wants to push Goodyear into bankruptcy with his City Center! Why? Could it have anything to do with his real estate business? Bottom line, if you want to hold Goodyear accountable, then it starts with the top, and that is Mayor Jim Cavanaugh.

      • This blog has no connection to any city council members.
        I would like to get the police information you suggest, and I’m working on it. I started with the fire department, and if you look at my other blogs on the subject you will see that I am developing more detailed salary information there.

        The problem is no one on city council or city management appears to be doing this. City Council have abdicated their responsibilities to the city manager. That type of analysis is however, one of the things the citizens tax group is asking for.

        I won’t defend the ballpark but here are the facts.
        The ballpark runs at an $8 mil loss per year to the citizens. $6 mil in interest payments and $2 mil operating profit loss. Goodyear should be doing everything it can to reduce the operating losses. We should be trying to book the Rolling Stones there if we could. The interest payments will continue until the AZ Sports and Tourism Authority honors its commitments and takes over the debt. That was expected to happen in a few years, but with the whole Cubs fiasco, it appears unlikely that Goodyear will see any debt reduction for many years to come.

      • I hope you will bring this up with city council or the city manager at your next opportunity.

  5. Howard keep up the good work. You have our support.
    Privatize the fire department. I don’t think a private company would boycott a business. Very nasty.

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